Desert Vampire

by Nathan Grant

Book Cover: Max Wainwright
Part of the Desert Vampire series:
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Pages: 174

Bart Magnus
Billy Wainwright is frantic and asked for help. Their estate is under nightly attack from a fringe group of rogue, anti-hybrid, werewolves. His hybrid son Craig is beside himself, with worry about his family. I sent vampire guards for backup and have a plan to end the problem, but I just was notified that two guards are dead, and the others are hostages. Time for me and Vito to take control.

Craig Wainwright
Bart and Vito have been so generous to my family, but things just got worse. We are headed to the estate to kill the rogues on sight, while Joffre and Agnes will provide witch support. We are taking great precautions to be safe, but you never know. The good news is I introduced horny Brian to my older brother Max and talk about an erotic explosion!

Max Wainwright
Bart has been great helping my Dad to resolve this terrible situation. Brian is my rock and the love of my life thanks to my little brother Craig, who finally made himself useful. We are taking a chopper down to destroy the rogues and there will be no hostages. In this kind of desperate situation, I worry casualties. Brian wants my mate bond, and the change. I love him but I’m unsure if I want more than his mark.

Brian Rickard
I’ve been with Bart and Vito since the beginning and they are like my brothers. I’ve had my fun but when I saw Max, my playing days were done. I want and need him for my mate or more if he will have me. We have pledged our love, but still he hesitates. Either way, I love him and will take whatever he freely gives to me.


Max Wainwright Desert Vampire

Chapter 1

Max Wainwright

Note spoiler alert: this book contains spoilers for the first and second books of the series.

It is sure a long flight over to Italy from Arizona, but it certainly helps to have this luxurious private jet to make you forget about it.  believe me, Bart Magnus knows his stuff about entertaining guests and keep the booze flowing.

I’m so happy for my youngest brother Craig and for Vito as well.  Bart is over the moon now that the four of them are getting married in a double ceremony at Villa Jovis, and I don’t blame them one little bit.

Four handsome vampires, two of them hybrids, rich, and all madly in love with their mates, and all are thrilled with their new extended families.


My parents weren’t so on board with the vampire thing at first, and with my brother Craig making the change.  They almost freaked when during the change, the spell to keep him from shifting backfired, but no one is giving out any firm details on just what happened for some strange reason.  Mom is really pissed about it and feels that as his mother, she should know all about it.

While we are staying in Italy, I need to get my pal Agnes to tell me after some iced tea, as she and I have really hit it off and she’s always a good source, especially since it was her spell that is in question in the first place.

She utterly adores Craig as most people do, and she was the one that spelled him as I said.  I wonder what the hell can it be that happened?  No one else will tell me a thing, and those in the know always start to giggle when I ask about it.  Craig sure isn’t talking for probably the first time in his life, and just glares at me if I mention it, and even showed me his new teeth once, but Vito got right on that one.

I have been looking forward to this trip since I heard about it and can’t wait to see the beautiful historic sights.  Capri sounds like a fantasy, with what I’ve heard about the Blue Grotto but there might not be time for a visit to the sea on this trip.  Our wedding destination is the ruin of Villa Jovis and the decadent Roman history there is beyond belief.

We are currently in flight somewhere out over the turbulent Atlantic right now, and interestingly enough, we can see Bart’s other private Magnus jet in the distance, leading the way to Naples.

The sun is still up out here as we head east, so I imagine that Craig and Joffre, who are both baby vampires, are in sleepy land by now, regenerating their fangs, and snoozing like the dead, literally.

I’m glad I can’t see that happen as it still gives me the creeps.

Since we were the last to board the two jets back in Scottsdale because Craig had cornered us and would not shut up as usual, we had to practically run to our assigned jet so we would not delay the departure.

When I looked over at the other jet, I spotted a real hottie, a sexy muscular guy with shaggy black curly hair, a thick moustache, with pitch black eyes.  He was getting ready to board Bart’s jet with Craig, while he was obviously joking around with my brother Craig like they were old pals.

Craig seems to know everybody in the coven already, and everybody that he does meet, falls in love with him, and in reality, he truly is a very sweet man.

Just as I was about to turn to climb the stairs and aboard the jet, the mystery man must have sensed me watching him somehow, vampires are like that.  He spun around to glance over directly at me, saw me, locked eyes with me for a split second, and then whirled back around to grab my brother’s arm, and obviously asked Craig who I was.

Craig, always one for getting right down to the dirt, quickly turned around to see who he was asking about.  Of course, my brother was never one for any kind of tact, so he glances around, and then saw it was me, and here comes the toothy suggestive grin as I hear him squeal in delight.

He then grabs the guy by the arm, brings him running over, all the time Vito is in the doorway yelling at Craig to get his ass on the jet with Bart looking over his shoulder, shaking his head.

I’m stuck standing there on the stairway, busted and mortified, and Craig puts the handsome man’s hand in mine, closing his long fingers over mine.

“Briareus, or more the more modern version of your name Brian, this is my very cute older brother Maximus, he’s not, but I am, but he’s close,” he said winking at me, and snickering at his dirty joke.

I was ready to drop through the tarmac stairs and all.

“You sure are such a little bitch Craig damn it,” I growled at him, while Brian was still holding tightly onto my hand, and it was apparent that he had absolutely no intention of letting me go.

“We all know that Max, but you love me anyway.  Brian, he is Max to his friends and lovers if there are any, and Max to his family too!  Now as Vito’s mate I order you to entertain him all the way to Italy anyway you can, and no holds barred at all, but however, meaningful holds are required.  Oops, there’s Vito glaring at me and motioning frantically for me to come back.  I’m about five seconds away from ‘the mental order’ to get on the jet.  So, Brian, give him a worthwhile kiss hello and I’ll see you both in Italy!  By then, I expect someone to be thoroughly fucked,” he laughed, taking off before I could reach for him to pinch the crap out of him.

I could have smacked him a good one for doing this.  I’ll make sure to text Vito when I get seated, and tell him to do it for me, twice, and I’m more than sure he’ll be delighted and glad to oblige.

Still embarrassed, I turned around to shake hands with him.  Instead I found myself being drawn close and kissed by one of the hottest men I’ve ever seen, while in the background I heard my brother Craig yell ‘Yee Haw go Brian’, just before I saw Vito’s muscular arm reach out to grab him and yank him abruptly onto the jet.

The door immediately slammed shut and the jet began to instantly taxi away to the brightly lit runway.

Breathless I turned back to him and he was smiling, his dark eyes sparkling with impish amusement.

“You realized that I have to follow my orders you understand; I do report to Vito and now to Craig as well it seems.  I might just have to do it again, several times maybe, to make sure I got it right,” he snickered.

He locked arms with me, leading me up and onto the jet, closing the door himself, as it began to follow the other private jet for takeoff.

As soon as we were settled and in flight, Zelda came over and introduced herself to Brian, and then handed us each some iced tea.

“Is this,” I began as she smiled and winked at me.

“An old family recipe handed down to me for the flight, but I had to promise my first born if I divulged the secret,” she told us just about the time Brian took a big gulp and ended up almost off the seat.

“Agnes struck again,” she giggled, patting me on the shoulder, and then walked away to deliver a surprise to her next victim.

For most of the flight Brian and I ended up chatting, and I noticed how much he kept touching me, and occasionally giving me a quick and very welcome kiss.  I found that I genuinely enjoyed his fascinating company as we grew to know each other.  He was full of funny stories about the coven, and as it turns out he is great friends with both Bart and Vito, giving us a common ground.

He also shyly admitted that he had asked Craig out the first time he met him, and was shut down flat, even before Craig met Vito.  We laughed about it and bet each other how long it would take for Craig to bring it up.

As we slowly stopped chuckling about the story, he suddenly grew quite still, holding my eyes with his.  He took my hand and fulfilled my dreams by slowly kissing me, surrounding my soul with his tender passion, leaving me breathless and feeling empty when he pulled away.  He kissed me lightly one more time, smiling at me and putting his arm around me.

Instantly and for the first time in my life, I was lost, gone, or whatever, but knew this was it for me.

As the night began to fall a couple of hours away from our destination, I started to feel sleepy and apologized to him.  I told him I would need to take a quick nap, and that I hoped that he would not be offended.

“Not at all Max, but for only on one simple condition,” he murmured, catching me off guard.

“And just what might that condition be,” I asked with a smile, knowing by instinct what he would ask of me.

“Just this modest request; I want to kiss you goodnight, and then hold you while you sleep,” he confessed.

His words thrilled me, as did his gentle but thorough way of kissing, once more leaving my heart pounding.

“That was so nice, thank you,” I fumbled, trying to hide my panting.

He held my gaze with his eyes, his sincerity and affection more than evident.

“Just the beginning of forever with you I hope,” he said astonishing, me with his totally off the wall statement.

Before I could say a word to him, I was back in his arms and he was fulfilling his promise; starting to lead me to forever.

When we landed in Naples and after we departed the jets, Craig was impatiently waiting for us, with Vito holding his hands and rolling his eyes as he placated his mate.

“I tried to get him to mind his own damn business guys, I really tried, but you know how he can be,” he complained, but then affectionately kissed his cheek.

“So,” Craig demanded, licking his lips, hungry for the dirt.

“So read the book bitch,” I laughed and then took Brian’s hand, and pulled Brian over to the waiting helicopter leaving Craig behind, appearing shocked.

The wedding of course was beyond wonderful, so romantic, and the setting was incredible, especially considering it was the historic site of so much ancient Roman depravity.  Much later, we all flew back to Bart’s ancestral home close to Pisa, and we spent the rest of our time together, walking a lot, taking short drives through Tuscany, a trip to the sea, and one day we ventured into Rome.

One evening after the others arrived back at the vineyard, my mother Nicki pulled me aside and kissed my check.

“Is there something you’d like to tell me about Max?” she prompted, and I knew she was overly concerned as I had never had anyone of my own romantically before, and I am her oldest child.

“Not yet Mom, but I do have feelings for him.  He’s a wonderful and kind man, and I only hope he feels exactly the same way,” I told her honestly, as she reached up to touch my face.

“Another vampire,” she breathed to me, but she already was well aware of what she was asking.

“Yes Mom, he is a vampire.”

“Your father and I have seen the change in you in the past few days alone, and if he loves you and makes you happy, then we are happy as well.  We are so proud of the beautiful man you have become, Max, and wish you all the happiness that can possibly be yours, my sweet son,” she told me, again touching my face.

“Thank you, I love you both too for giving me such a great life,” I whispered to her not trusting my voice.

I was just about to say something else when I looked up to see Brian walking over to us, staring intently with a look of concern on his gorgeous face.

“Mom, this is Brian Rickard who works for Vito at the Italus estate.  Brian this is my mother Nicki Wainwright, my Dad Billy is over there letting Craig torment him,” I said introducing them.

“My pleasure to meet you Mrs. Wainwright.  I’m sure you have heard it from a private source, but if by chance not, I’m in love with your son Max,” he said shocking the living hell out of us both.

Mom was the first to recover and smiled warmly at him.

“If you both love and make each other happy, then I am as well,” she told him, then reached up to kiss his cheek.

Seconds later we all just about jumped when we heard someone scream ‘yee haw’ and watched Vito give Craig a good sound slap as he pointed at us, wiggling around like he does when he’s worked up or exceedingly happy.

“He is such a little bitch,” I groaned as Brian laughed.

“Amen to that,” Mom agreed, shaking her head at her youngest son Craig, but smiling too.

There wasn’t the least question in my mind that I was hopelessly in love with Brian, and he knew it.

Even though it still shocked me, with my first glimpse, I knew right away that Brian was the only one that would forever steal my heart and hold it always.  I also knew that I would give it to him willingly and for all time.

Due to the sleeping setup at Bart’s home, we did not sleep together, and only a little heavy petting and kissing was all we could do without being too rude or being discovered.  I knew for a fact that my brother was keeping his hungry eyes wide open for any and all developments.

Following our return to the Arizona desert, we finally made love together several times, but I wanted to wait before we fully engaged our bodies.  I knew that if we somehow fell apart after that act, I would never recover as if it was possible, I was falling more deeply in love with him with each passing moment.

There was one evening when we were lying in bed together and that very subject came up in our conversation.  He finally asked me directly why I kept pushing him away from joining our bodies.

At first, I felt like a shy embarrassed child, and had a hard time coming up with the words, but at last just was direct, and said what I felt.  I told him clearly and honestly that I thought it was the ultimate expression of love that I could give to him, and that it would break me forever if he left me.

I turned away humbled and shamed by being so open to him.

To my surprise he was thrilled with my answer and pulled me close to kiss me tenderly, wiping away the tears welling in my eyes.  He whispered to me that when I was ready and wanted to take the next step in our life together, that he wished to forever give me his mark as his own.

I said I wanted to do that to him as well, and once that happened, I would be ready for our joining.

And soon I would be marked as his, and he as mine.


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