Desert Vampire

by Nathan Grant

Book Cover: Vito Lizorno
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Pages: 168

Things are great with Joffre, while Vito’s long solitary life is about to come to a toothsome end with his no nonsense Werewolf. Craig, a sexy handsome pup roared in and knocked Vito on his ancient ass. Now Craig is teaching Vito some new moves, who is thrown into a fixated tizzy by this irresistible cussing Werewolf.

From the moment I saw that hairy, muscular, Craig, I knew I was done for, and that he would be the first and only man to own my cold heart. Bart was shocked by my obsession, but Craig is life to me. He is a horny little devil, but I let him know who the alpha is, but now he is glaring at me with an odd look on his handsome face!

Vito does not take no for an answer, and I am so glad! Now that Joffre is all cozy with Bart, Vito is going in for the kill. He says he is the alpha, but this is one pup that does not roll over, or at least not often! Alpha my ass, I plan to soon change Vito’s vision of reality.

I have never seen Craig so happy mixing it up with Vito as he tries to tame him. My insane Warlock father is still in custody, but there is an inkling feeling that something might be brewing, and I know it will not be good, perhaps even deadly.


Vito Lizorno Desert Vampire

Chapter 1

Craig Wainwright

Note spoiler alert: this book contains spoilers for the first book of the series.

Twenty Years Ago

I walked alone back to my house crying and with my feelings hurt.  My best friend’s dad had just told me I can’t play with him anymore at their house and called me a dirty dog.

We live in big houses close to each other and have always been the best of friends, and shared all our secrets, except for one.  Sure, I have my family and older brothers, but Joffre is more fun than they are, he’s my age, is always is good to me, and always stand up for me too when the bullies come around.

I turned the corner onto the street where I live and was surprised to see Joffre’s grandma standing next to her sleek car, smiling at me.


“Hi there Craig, I see you are looking kind of down.  Do you want to tell me about it?” she asked me.

I nodded yes, still kind of surprised that she would turn up at the right time when I needed somebody, and after that bad man talked to me like that.

“I went to go play with Joffre, and Mr. Gregory told me we can’t play anymore because I’m a dirty dog.  I hate him,” I told her, trying not to cry again as I told her my story.

I tried but I couldn’t hold it back in front of her, and my sad and angry tears came flowing down my cheeks anyway.

She walked over to me and hugged me and used a soft tissue to dry my eyes.  Then she kneeled in front of me and put her hands firmly on my shoulders.  She smiled at me, making me feel a little better.

“You know Craig, Joffre loves you very much, and so do I.  His dad is a very confused and angry man, and you can’t take what he tells you as the truth, because it certainly is not,” she told me.

“But he called me a dirty dog,” I whimpered, and she hugged me warmly, making me feel loved.

“That is because he is a selfish ignorant man Craig, and you are better than that.  Now first let me tell you something else, and then I want to ask a great big favor from you, is that okay?”

I looked at her warily and felt kind of unsure about what she was asking, as I didn’t know her all that well.   However, she was always so kind to me, very pretty, and gave me sweet cookies that she made.

“Okay,” I finally told her after I carefully considered her request, but it still seemed quite odd to me that she would talk to me like this.

“First of all, I want you to know that you are not the only one here that has been sent away.  I had words with both Joffre’s dad and my daughter Iris his mother, and they asked me to leave and not come back.”

“But you are his grandmother!  How can they do that to you?” I asked, thinking how terrible it would be because Joffre loved her so much.

“I’m sorry.  I guess we both are dirty dogs,” I told her and was surprised when she burst out laughing.

“Oh sweetie, if you were a dog that would be the best compliment anyone could have, but you are not a dog as you know.  Tell me what your parents say you are; it is okay to tell me because I am a witch,” she said, still smiling at me as my eyes grew big.

It took me a few moments to tell her because my parents and brothers said to never tell anyone about us, but she told me her secret and it is only fair.

“They said that I am a Werewolf, and that I need to keep it to myself.  Do you think Mr. Gregory knows that?”

“Yes, my dear, I am sure he does, and he is a very vulgar man, and was wrong to call you that.  Very wrong.  Now just so you know, Joffre does not know about me, or you and his parents do not want him to know.  We need to keep this as our secret until he is ready, can you do that for me?”

“Yes, I can, he is my best friend and I don’t want him to get into any trouble from his terrible dad.”

“Good man there Craig!  I know Joffre is angry and confused about all this, but for now we just need to be a friend to him and help him through all this mess.  I am sure he would not care if you are a werewolf in the least because you are a true friend to him but for now, we need to keep this a secret.  There is no shame at all in what you are, werewolves are very honorable, loyal, and it is an exceptional privilege to call you a friend.  You are his best friend in the whole world and always will be as you grow older.”

“Thank you, Ms. Desterra,” I replied to her, since she had made me feel so much better about myself.

“Just call me Grandma dear, and know you are incredibly special to me.  Now here is what I would like you to do for me.  Since I am not allowed to be near him anymore, and I know that you will play together, and that he can still go to your house, please take my phone number and call me to let me know how he is doing.  Please don’t ever tell him as it will be our shared little secret.  I only want to know if he is doing okay, how he does in his schoolwork, and if he is happy.”

“I can do this for you; I know how much he loves you.”

“This is so nice of you Craig, and I know we will always be great friends.  Things may be a bit rough for him because of his dad, but I know you will be there for him.  Now I must run for now, but please go home and tell your parents everything that has happened.  I know they will understand.  Tell them I have spoken to you and give them my number as well and let them know what I have asked you to do.  Your parents are wonderful people and you can always trust them.”

“I will and thank you Grandma,” I told her, and she hugged me hard and long, and then waved at me as she drove away.

This was a solemn promise that I kept for the next twenty years.

Chapter 2


Nineteen years later – outside at Joffre’s house

“Well this is different, I’m surprised your master would let you out alone without your collar and leash,” I told this persistent little werewolf, still surprised that my fated mate would keep such a mouthy pet around.

“So here goes the neighborhood, a fucking vampire has followed us home, and the same one I saw skanking in the parking lot.  Don’t give me that dog crap vampire, now state your business.  You have no right to be here, and I do not know you.  If you don’t clear this up right away, I’m calling my pack and they will sort you out and see you on your way without any more of your lip,” he warned me, and I grinned at him, infuriating him all that much more as I watched him wiggle, cute little puppy.

“And Joffre isn’t my master, Dracula, so explain yourself,” he demanded again, making me grin at his great sense of humor.

“Since we are on a first name basis here, my name is Bart, Bart Magnus, Alpha leader of the Magnus coven, now who do I have the intense and questionable pleasure of speaking with?” I asked casually.

I saw him blanch when he recognized my name, but then again, in the supernatural world most people do.

“I’m Craig Wainwright of the Wainwright Western United States and Canada pack.  Joffre is my best friend and has been all my life.  He has no idea of or any comprehension of the supernatural world.”

“So, then you are not lovers?  Answer me carefully and truthfully Craig as this may shorten your life if you don’t.”

“You don’t scare me Fangs, and of course not, I told you he was my best friend and I don’t sleep with my best friend.  Can’t you hear me?  Do you hear me now?”

“I hear you just fine, and no I don’t sleep with my best friend either, but you have answered my most important question successfully.  Now I am going to ask you for a favor here, and I will tell you why in a moment.

This young pup sure has a set of balls, but I could see him start to tremble, and this was deadly serious to me, so he had to understand this from the start.

“That all depends Snake Eyes, I don’t betray my friends,” he answered, trying to look tough, the silly cute fuzzy puppy.

“I respect that and would not ask you to do something that is not honorable, so how about it Pup?”

“Honorable I can certainly handle, but if it will hurt Joffre in any way at all, then absolutely not.”

“Good boy,” I smiled, I was so enjoying trading insults with this clever young man.

“I am here because Joffre is my fated soulmate.  I have waited for him for the last twenty-four years and have found him at last.  The day after his twenty-fifth birthday, I will approach him, and he will know me as our ancient bond is strong, and I know he feels it even now.  I am asking you to watch over him, keep him safe, tell me immediately if something bothers him or you.  Does this get my point across to you?”

“Yes, it does.”

We ended up talking about his past and current life and worked out a plan for me to keep Bart updated until he finally met Joffre, and how to keep him safe.  He also wanted my advice as he built his new coven home in the hills above us, as he wanted it to be perfect for Joffre and that he would love it on first sight.

After he left, I went back to the house where Joffre was standing on the porch looking for me, and of course, he had seen me talking to Bart, but I just blew it off as a chatty neighbor.

A few hours later I noticed a stealthy shadow cross the window and it seems Bart wasn’t kidding about security.

I went up to check out the construction site the next evening and was knocked out by how large and extensive it is, spanning so many acres.

I made some smartass comment about what I thought would be Joffre’s reaction to the estate and joked about it, and Bart laughed out loud.

“What’s so funny here, Bart,” someone asked.

I turned around to see a very handsome striking man, with light colored longish blond hair, deep intense blue eyes, and a killer smile, who slowly began to look captivated for some unknown reason.

He was making no excuse for continuing to stare at me, his mouth now hanging open, no extra teeth, and that is always a particularly good sign when schmoozing with well-equipped yet sexy vampires.

“Vito, this is Craig Wainwright who I’ve told you about, my mate’s best friend and close confidant.  Craig this is my best and oldest friend, second in command here at Magnus coven, Vito Lizorno.  I can tell without a doubt that he obviously likes what he is seeing,” he snickered, busting him.

Vito seemed to wake from a trance and gave him a fuck off look before turning back to me and taking my hand, taking not shaking.

“Well it seems my Sire Bart here has been lax in his duties with not fully informing me about his handsome new dear friend.  He tells me you are now a close brother, not to mention the sexy tender little wolf Craig.  This is all my pleasure for now Craig, and hopefully soon, I will make it be yours as well,” he told me softly, still holding my hand, and once again smiling like there was no tomorrow.

Bart slowly shook his head while smiling to himself, in awe, completely surprised by Vito’s reaction to me.

“Well that went well, and I can truthfully say that you mesmerize him Craig.  I am somehow sure I can predict that you two will become great and remarkably close friends if not much more,” Bart told me, seeming totally amused.

“We will be great friends if I get my hand back and he keeps his teeth to himself,” I returned, and Vito gave me a fake pouting look.

“Aww I’m crushed that I’m already off to a bad start here with you.  I’m so sorry Craig, how about a little kiss to make up for things,” he told me, leaning in for what hopefully wasn’t the kill.

“Let’s just keep it at a handshake instead of a kiss for now Vito, I don’t want to give my new brother the wrong impression here,” I told him.

I pulled my hand back, and then took a cautious step back from the obviously horny predator.

Bart stood staring with his hand over his mouth, trying to be discrete but I could tell he was just attempting not to burst out laughing.

“You know, I think I should go for the walk with you and Craig, Bart, I want to make sure we show him everything we have to offer,” Vito continued, obviously not taking no for an answer as he put his hand on the small of my back.

During the walk it was obvious something else was going on between us other than just a house tour.  Bart kept stealing a glance at us, and Vito was acting supposedly totally out of character.

It wasn’t until Bart was leading us through a darker, as yet unlit tunnel to where the witches would be living, that he helped himself to a firm handful of my ass.

“Watch it,” I warned him, and I knew my eyes were glowing with his unasked-for familiarity.

“Oh, I am so sorry, my hand slipped,” he said and showed me that his eyes were glowing red, and it wasn’t because he wanted to kill me.

It was around that time that the dog jokes came into full swing and it pissed me off, and I had to tell him to watch his mouth.  And the horny vampire’s reaction?  He gave me a super sexy smile and wanted to do a strip search.

The worst part was that Bart didn’t back me up when I basically told sexy Vito to fuck off, for now at least, and then Bart ganged up on me with him and asked me if I wanted Vito to search me.  What the hell was going on here?  Is this some kind of a bite and suck desert bordello, and now I was having second thoughts about my friend Joffre?

“What the fuck kind of place is this?  Are you going to treat Joffre this way when you meet him?”

“Of course not, he’s my fated soulmate and he will have the utmost respect here,” Bart returned, looking shocked at my statement.


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