Desert Witch

by Nathan Grant

Book Cover: Darius Zan
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Darius Zan
My estranged grandfather has died, and I am Balthazar Zan’s sole heir. I’ve inherited a small hidden town called Shimmering Canyon in Arizona, populated by supernatural people. The real kicker here? I find that my mother who left when I was born, is living there. Balthazar’s closest friend Parker is a red hot wolf shifter who now it turns out is my fated soulmate. What’s a witch to do?

Nero De Santis
I’ve heard many stories about the elusive Balthazar Zan in my time, but nothing prepared me for this. Darius is a surprisingly powerful witch and has had a rough go of it over the last several years. I first heard from him a while back to thank me for my part in avenging his dad’s murder. I knew Maxim Zan decades ago, and now it seems Darius is coming to Arizona for his inheritance. I only hope this will be a turning point for him, but something seems to be very wrong out there.

Agnes Granville
After hearing about Darius’ family, to say the least things are a hot mess in Shimmering Canyon. I’ve talked with Darius in private, but there is still something that bothers me about that remote place. I finally let Bart Magnus know that I believe hidden danger is lurking out there, and that perhaps dead men do tell tales after all.

Parker Jeffries
Balthazar spent a lot of time before his death telling me about his beloved Darius even though he’d never met him. I’m just a lonely shifter and somehow, I now find myself fated to a sexy well connected witch. I was devastated by Balthazar’s unexpected death, but suddenly old festering resentments are becoming precarious and we must turn to others for help.


Darius Zan Desert Witch

Chapter 1

Darius Maxim Zan

Spoiler Alert: While this is book 3 of the series, it is intertwined with the Desert Vampire series and contains spoilers for that series, and for book 1 and book 2 of this series.

It came by registered mail to tell me the estranged grandfather that I had never known was now dead.  Before my dad Maxim was killed, he had never talked to me much about his own father, and with his death, there was no way to find out more, until now.

Dad did tell me that my grandfather lived his life in a tiny private Arizona village called Shimmering Canyon, located not too far from the North Phoenix urban sprawl.  There was an earlier time however, when it was quite isolated from the mainstream, and the hidden private road still didn’t encourage visitors.


There had been a falling out between them when Dad insisted on marrying my mother Tina.  My grandfather for reasons he would not discuss, absolutely did not approve of their union.  There was nothing wrong with her per se he told him, but he had read her when he met her, and knew that family life was not for her and she was not right for his son.

One of the last times Dad ever heard from him was a short sympathy note that only said, ‘I told you so’.  The note supposedly came right after my birth when my mother told Dad she was leaving him.  She made it clear to him that she was leaving me too, her newborn baby, to try to find herself, the bitch.

Another point of contention between Dad and his father aside from the marriage, was that my dad hated the hot desert.  After college dad had moved to Sausalito, across the Golden Gate bridge and north of San Francisco using a trust set up by his father.  He worked for years as an attorney to the extraordinarily rich and not-so-famous, except to themselves, and loved his new home.

It seems that Grandpa had set up an irrevocable trust fund for him upon his birth, so Dad was set in spite of their differences, and Grandpa did not deny him his birthright.

Our California home overlooked the San Francisco Bay, with a great view of the City in the distance, and as an added bonus, we were not too far from the Pacific and the mighty Redwood trees.

In so many ways he was a very cool dad, and I loved him as he loved me.  He remained a loner after my mom had left, and the only time I can remember seeing him cry was when I had just turned fifteen.  He received the divorce papers from her, asking him to finally free her from her marriage bonds, and that she wanted nothing at all from him, including me.

She didn’t mention me in her short to the point note to him other than that she didn’t want me, but it didn’t mean much to me anyway, since I didn’t know her.  Dad never wanted to talk about her at all, other than to say she was quite pretty, and I would have loved her.

When I turned twenty, I nervously told my dad I was Gay, and his only comment was, ‘tell me something I don’t know Darius’.  Even though his answer to me was unexpected, being witches I’m sure he’d sensed it long before I told him.  I however, just wanted to be sure we were on the same page about it and apparently, we were, and he didn’t care one little bit.  He loved me, and told me he always had, and always would.

When I was twenty-five Dad was taken from me in a courtroom attack by rogue witches.  It seems a witch named Lila Gregory had a couple of loyal followers on the outside, and when she entered the courtroom, they were waiting to free her.  They ambushed her guards, and killed almost everyone there, including my father.

There was a total scandal in witch circles that such a thing could happen in broad daylight, but it did.  She was loose once more to raise havoc since they had all vanished.  I did hear however just over a year ago, she tried to pull another con artist type scheme and was trapped in her own web and killed.

It seems the person she was using who is a shifter, managed to escape and hook up with friends of the Bart Magnus vampire coven who in turn recognized Lila for who she was.  It seemed that dozens of years before, she had plotted to go after the Desterra fortune with her brother Nickolas and set things in motion to obtain it.  However, a year before she tried to make her own move to obtain the fortune, Nickolas was killed while trying to murder his son Joffre for becoming a hybrid vampire.

When she escaped this final time, she again wanted to pursue the Desterra fortune.  This decision tied in with her actions years before by murdered members of Desterra and the De Santis families to set the circumstances to finally get at the money.

Well as it turned out they foiled her recent con artist plot along with removing Matteo’s spell and in anger, she showed up at Bart’s Italus estate to find revenge, however what she found was the De Santis Alpha witch Nero, staring her in the face, hating her with his entire being.

Oops, big mistake and no opportunity to backtrack the hell away.

Her part in the earlier plot naturally didn’t sit too well with him since she had killed much of his family during her attack in Rome years before.  He blew her body apart literally, and sent her into the outer darkness, to her non-ending torment.

The moral of the story here is don’t mess with a pissed off super witch with revenge on his mind.

So continuing with my own story, Nero inadvertently also avenged Maxim Zan my dad, and so I wrote Nero De Santis a letter thanking him for doing that for us and expressed my gratitude.  I told him I was immensely proud of their noble and unselfish actions that avenged my father.

I soon received a wonderful reply from Nero, and it seems he knew of my dad and sent his deepest condolences.  He added an invitation to meet him and the Bart Magnus group sometime if I ever made it Arizona and he told me that he would love to get to know me on a personal basis.

While all these other events were happening during the years since I left college, I had made somewhat of a name for myself in the publishing world, the paranormal arena as a writer and author of fifteen books.  I figured that since I was a natural born witch, that I’d just tell the truth, talk about my experiences along the way, and most would believe it was just another great fiction book.

I have also included many other stories that I’d heard about, changing the names and locations to protect the innocent, or maybe not so innocent.

Dad was kind of leery about that part of the venture and made it clear to me to make sure that no one would be suing me for slander or worse.  I’d always listened to him on that aspect, with him being an attorney and all, and it has paid off for me more than a few times when others had noticed their questionable lives in print.

Now backing up just a bit, about a year out of college I met Jon, a human, and we fell madly in love or what I considered to be love at the time, and even Dad couldn’t fault him.  He was a man who showed me loyalty and made me see the world in a new way even if he was a bit rigid and somewhat narrow minded at times.

We had many dreams about our future together and especially when my writing career was taking off, so it seemed like we had it all, with a green light to the potential.  But about a year before Dad was murdered, Jon came home one evening and told me he wasn’t feeling so well.

He explained to me that he was in a lot of pain in the abdominal area, but thought he’d pulled something after doing a strenuous workout earlier that day.  He felt that he just needed some rest, and he would be fine.

During the night, his pain became much worse and I called 911 for help.  We were close to a hospital that was only a few minutes away, where they rushed him into the emergency area.  I then called Dad who came over to be with me while I waited for news.

About twenty minutes after Dad arrived, the surgeon came out to see me and I could tell from the look on his face the news wasn’t good.  They found that Jon had an aortic aneurysm caused by a birth defect that had gone undetected and it was threatening his life.

It was starting to rupture and that was causing all the pain he was experiencing over the last few hours.  He was taken into emergency surgery and the surgeon promised to let me know how it was going when they knew.

My hopes for our future went silent.

Dad kept his arm around me while we waited and prayed for his life.  Half an hour later the same doctor returned to tell me they were too late to help him, and it had ruptured fully just as they got to it, killing him instantly.

My world shattered around me as I helplessly cried for him in my father’s arms.

It was two days later before I knew where I was, and all I could do was cry for the next week.  My Dad stayed with me at my apartment during that time but finally moved me back into his house to take care of me and watch over me.  There was no service for him per Jon’s last requests, and I scattered his ashes in the Muir Woods, always his favorite place to go hiking with me.

I knew I would never be able to face going there again.

Jon left me all he had in the world, and it wasn’t a lot, but I didn’t want his stuff, I wanted him.  Eventually I managed to stabilize with Dad by my side, and I came to terms with losing Jon, but I still felt the intense hurt without him every time he crossed my mind.

It never even occurred to me that within the next six months my Dad would join Jon in death, leaving me alone trying move on with my life.  However all this was the history leading up to this current day, and the letter informing me about my grandfather.

So getting back to the letter, I learned that my grandfather Balthazar Zan was dead, he somehow knew of my Dad’s demise and made me his sole heir to a small community called Shimmering Canyon, named for the magic supernatural people that reside there.

In addition to the property, there is a dog, three bank accounts with undisclosed amounts, and the mineral rights to a five square mile radius around the town.  It seems Balthazar’s father who he called Sire for some unknown reason, had founded the town, and then began to develop his land for the rich mineral rights.

During his time there, Balthazar gave plots of land to various people as they joined him in the desert.  Everything else belonged to my grandfather Balthazar, and now belongs to me, apparently.

I’ve never owned a dog in my life and since I was here, and the dog was there, I wondered who was taking care of it.  After reading the letter a second time, I poured myself a glass of wine and then sat down with my laptop to do some research and try to decide just what I was going to do.

I glanced at the envelope and then searched a map to find the attorney’s location to get an idea of where he was situated in the Phoenix area then gave him a call using the number listed on his letterhead.  I wanted to ask him some questions to help me decide what my next step should be.

“Darius, so good to hear from you.  I’m Steve Thom and have represented your grandfather for many years.  Gee I’m sorry about Balthazar, and to think he was only here last month, putting the changes to his Will.  He was always such an incredibly nice guy to everyone he met.  We can go over this while on the phone if you want, or if you can make a trip over here.  It, however, would be much better to meet with you in person, and it would expedite the settlement,” he told me.

“I was thinking about coming over but wanted to talk to you before I did.  One first and pressing question I have for you, is who is taking care of the dog?  I have never lived with one and figured someone must be looking after the dog for me,” I said.

I felt kind of funny with that being my first question but living things had always been a priority for me personally.

I heard Steve chuckle unexpectedly to himself and then sigh.

“Look Darius we won’t play games here.  We are all supernatural and the dog part was a long standing joke of your grandfather’s.  His dog as he puts it, is Parker Jeffries who is a shifter wolf in his early thirties that takes care of the place and manages it for him.  Balthazar certainly took good care of him in return.  He drove your grandfather here the last time he came into the office to see me as I mentioned earlier.  Parker seems like a really nice guy to me as well, and if I may say so, he’s quite the handsome man.”

“Okay good to know that the place isn’t standing empty, and the dog part is a non-issue,” I told him.

I was feeling a bit relieved that a dog wasn’t having to fend for itself but wondering why he would comment on Parker’s looks to me.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to give you the wrong impression there, Parker doesn’t live in Balthazar’s house, he has a house down the street from your grandfather’s former home.  Oh no, when your grandfather died, I warded the house to keep it safe for you, a direct request from your grandfather should anything unexpected happen to him.  You will be able to enter the house when you get there, and the wards will accommodate your being there.”

This all still sounded just a bit strange to me but, whatever.

“Okay, I guess.  So look, it sounds like the best thing for me to do is just come over and see what is going on before I can decide anything.  I need to get a few things together here and then I’ll probably just drive over soon and see you in a couple of days.  I’ll possibly stay in Phoenix before I go to the house, so I’ll give you a call and we can meet, if that sounds okay to you,” I told him.

“That is better than okay, and I’ll be looking forward to meeting you Darius,” he told me sounding happy enough.

“Oh one more thing, can you tell me what happened to my grandfather?  It wasn’t on any of the documents.”


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