Desert Paranormal

by Nathan Grant

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Greyson Jakes

Greg has left me a posthumous offer, but in person information was firmly stipulated in his Will.  Now along with his unusual legacy, I find out from his attorney Ezroc that Greg was a witch, and I’m astonished that so am I.  Before I can decide to accept, I need to visit my new offer.  Thanks to Ezroc, I’m staying with Ben and Matteo at the ranch who will help me with this alarming predicament.

Agnes Granville

Ben called to invite the Italus bunch for dinner this evening, to meet Grey who is having a meltdown.  Considering the extraordinary vibes he’s sending out he needs some quick safety training.  Upon meeting him, Nero is astounded and has requested to speak to his parents.  He has shocking suspicions about what is happening but is keeping them to himself, for now.

Craig Wainwright Lizorno

The artist is the new hottie in town, and that damn Vito is sure giving him the stealthy eye.  I took Grey under my helpful wing, but things soon became hot and heavy, and I was compelled to show him my Fae.

Bran Cameron 

I was more than nervous to meet my new prospective partner thanks to Greg, but the moment I saw him I knew.  The next day he began a crash course on witchcraft, however later a witch set a fire in one of our buildings.  Agnes and Nero are convinced it was a warning but have no clue why.  We now must discover if Greg was indeed murdered, and who might be trying for murder number two.


Greyson Jakes Desert Paranormal

Chapter 1

Greyson Jakes

Spoiler Alert: While this is book 1 of a new series, it is intertwined with the Desert Vampire and Desert Witch series and contains spoilers for those books.

Since leaving early this morning, it had been a long and boring drive up to Phoenix from Tucson.  I was on my way to meet with an Attorney I’d heard from and didn’t have a clue to what I would find waiting for me at my destination, other than knowing I had unexpectedly lost a close friend.

He did make one clear point to say that he wanted to discuss the details in person per the Will’s instructions.


It was four long days ago, and much to my shock and sadness I’d received a registered letter from Ezroc Billings Attorney at Law, located in downtown Phoenix.  It contained a sad notification that one Gregor Denton, now deceased was extending a posthumous offer to me.  I felt my heart sink and tears filled my eyes when I read those horrible words about one of my dearest friends.

I was in complete disbelief because Greg had been my best friend since I was five, but we had lost touch after high school when I went to ASU.  He left home at the same time to get away from his abusive older parents, but mainly his alcoholic father enabled by his waspish and useless mother.

After I’d finished college, my parents had retired and moved to Florida.  They surprised me by giving me their modest home free and clear, near the famous Catalina foothills not too far from Sabino Canyon.

Mom had been born and raised in the beautiful Florida Keys but had met my dad at college in Arizona and had stayed with him in the desert.  They both had become grade schoolteachers after graduation and had lived simple quiet lives.

Even though the original plan was for me to follow in their footsteps to gain the financial security of an eventual pension it didn’t happen.  However, as it turned out during the student-teacher days I fully realized I wasn’t cut out to be an art teacher to a bunch of uninterested, untalented troublemakers that only wasted my time.

After I graduated, I took a chance working at sidewalk art shows to display my paintings while living lean, and hoping I wasn’t going to starve.  I finally had gained a strong following on the web, and enough sales to keep me afloat to where I am now getting widely noticed.  I sell just about everything I paint with advance special orders, and with a waiting list for my current works in progress.

I’d never been all that enthusiastic about the house I grew up in, but it was free and clear as I mentioned and low stress.  It oddly had no views for being in the foothills, but it was simple and a basic place where maintenance was easy and cheap, giving me a lot more time for my artwork.

My parents, on the other hand, had surprised me by buying quite the lavish oceanfront house with a private beach included.  Frankly, I didn’t know how they could afford it on their pensions, but they had never talked about their finances to me while I was living with them.  And come to think of it, they always changed the subject when I asked too many questions about my family history.

I asked Dad about how they could afford it once, and he just smiled and told me it was magic.  Needless to say, when I got the news about Greg, I’d been devastated and deeply saddened about my former friend’s early death.  But now I am even more surprised by his cryptic offer whatever that would turn out to be.

Part of the deal was that I had to meet in person with the attorney before I could find out what was up.  I thought that was a weird request but often in the past, Greg had always lived in his own world by his own rules mostly for self-preservation.

I’d told my parents about it naturally as they were close to him as well, and they made a point of telling me to let them know what the offer was as soon as I found out since they were as curious as I had been and am.

I had decided to drive up to Phoenix a few days after that since of course, I was intrigued by this, but I needed to meet his attorney handling his estate to learn about whatever that might entail.  When I contacted him by phone and started asking questions, he basically cut me right off.  He said that during our meeting he promised to give me all the details of Greg’s life since he was a friend of his too, and we would discuss the reason for his recent death, along with the wonderful offer he would present to me.

So now I was sitting face to face with Greg’s attorney, and he was giving me a delighted smile.

“It is so good to finally meet you Greyson, Gregor spoke of you fondly and often as the kid that saved his ass several times from the bullies at school,” he laughed.

He was looking amused, and frankly put me at ease right away with his friendly demeanor and smile.

“I’d actually forgotten about all that weird stuff back then as kids.  We were always close friends from kindergarten and through high school, spending all our free time together.  He was smaller than the rest of the other boys his age, and they picked on him for no reason other than blatant ignorance.  I didn’t like it one bit and taught them a few hard lessons for acting like jerks and trying to hurt him.  It was just some insecure assholes trying to hide their own lack of confidence by focusing on others unable to defend themselves.  Greg was a great guy and an incredibly good friend to me during that time.  He practically lived at our house since his parents were constantly verbally abusive to him and serious alcoholics, especially his dad.  My parents wanted to step in to help, but he begged them not to say anything, knowing it would only make things much worse than they already were.  While they were never physically or sexually abusive to him like I said, they basically gave him a hard time and made him feel worthless.  I always thought that was such a terrible shame that his own parents couldn’t see what a wonderful and creative person he was.  My own parents did their best to give him confidence and a sense of security,” I explained, and he nodded his head.

“I’m sorry to hear that.  Even though I didn’t know him all that well however, from what I could gather he was a truly kind man.  He used his land that you will hear about in a moment, to provide food for local shelters and tribes nearby.  He was constantly doing charitable things for others using his excess produce.  He had worked with Leda Edwards on the food developments and had been with her since he left high school.  She had hired him and originally owned the property for an exceptionally long time before she met him.  About seven years after he began working for her, she developed a strange and uncurable fast-acting liver disease that no one could stop or slow, and she eventually died from it.  At that time she left her property to him.  He had completely cared for her during the time that she was sick, and before that time they had become a remarkably close couple prior to her terminal illness.  He was later stunned by her generosity to him but then again, they were always devoted to each other and were deeply in love, a true May to December romance,” he explained.

I had to admit to myself that it certainly sounded like the Greg I once knew so well long ago.  I had also known he was always attracted to older women.

“So what happened to him?  He was the same age that I am, so he wasn’t all that old,” I asked.

I was trying to keep my unexpectedly strong emotions out of it, at least while I was in his office.  I did not want to cry in front of him.

“I didn’t know him all that well as I mentioned before, but it seems that he had a real love of boating and fishing.  He also enjoyed camping alone under the stars as he put it when he had some free time and could break away from his duties at the farm.  As it turns out he was camping and boating at Roosevelt Lake northeast of here when a sudden Monsoon storm came up unexpectedly.  He was in a small metal fishing boat when lightning hit it and killed him instantly.  There were several shocked witnesses on the shore to the horrible event, and they were naturally terribly disturbed seeing it happen right in front of them.”

I felt myself stiffen in horror thinking about it, but again tried to keep it down in front of this guy.

“Was he alone out there?”

“Yes, so no one else was hurt but him.  As I said it killed him, and he could not save himself.  Even with his natural abilities he could not react fast enough since it happened so swiftly, being caught off guard,” he mentioned casually.

He was watching me intently for some reason that made me feel uncomfortable, and I looked back up at him.

“What abilities?  He wasn’t disabled in any way when I knew him years ago,” I asked, taken off guard by his strange, unexpected comment.

“Why this certainly surprises me Greyson, I thought you knew since you were such good and close friends at one time.  This is almost disturbing to me and I don’t want to speak out of turn here Greyson.  He told me that you were familiar with supernatural people or I wouldn’t have revealed it in such a casual way,” he stammered, turning red and looking extremely uncomfortable.

“We used to play some fun games as kids, make things move, read each other’s minds and silly stuff like that if that is what he was referring to.  However, as I got older, I just shrugged it off as kid’s nonsense, and probably was just the wind helping things along.  So are you going to sit there and tell me Ezroc, that he had some magical powers of some sort?” I asked, now feeling quite odd and starting to wonder what the fuck.

There was simply no question about it.  Ezroc was now looking as weirded out as I was feeling right about now, and I honestly had to wonder what the hell was coming next from this strange meeting.

He took a deep breath, letting it out slowly, swallowed hard then looked me right in the eyes.  I almost felt like I was sensing a soft vibration flow over my skin, and then he shook his head looking confused.

“Okay I will level with you about this, but the things I’m going to tell you goes no farther than this room.  I am speaking to you in confidence.  Greg was a natural witch, exceptionally talented with an affinity for nature, an earth based witch.   He came to me for legal matters because I am a witch as well.  Leda was a Psychic Medium, Telepath, and an expert at Telekinesis.  I don’t mean to shock you or speak out of turn here Greyson, but I just have sensed the same situation with you.  The difference here between you and us is that your potential that I am reading is tremendous and off the charts for a normal witch,” he told me sincerely, and I felt my blood go cold.

My chest felt so tight and for a long moment I seemed a bit dizzy and it was hard to breathe.

“Witch?  As in broomstick witches?  Are you trying to pull my leg here?” I demanded getting that strange tingly feeling all over once again.

He just shook his head slowly again, and I realized what I was feeling was coming from him.

“He was certain that you had figured it out by now, or maybe your parents had finally talked to you about it but surprise, you fooled us both!”

“I don’t believe it Ezroc.  I don’t consider that kind of stuff other than something to amuse kids at parties,” I responded way too quickly.  He was now scaring the fuck out of me with the way he continued to stare.

However, at that moment my mouth dropped open when he levitated a huge law book sitting on his desk without warning.  I know I blinked my eyes several times in a row to make sure it was real and not my imagination.

“What the fuck?”

“Not sex Greyson, honest to goodness witch magic,” he snickered, letting the book float down again.

“Do something else,” I demanded, squeezing my fists trying to build my bravado by being defiant.

“Whatever,” he breathed, then I began to rise off my chair, and thought I would have a panic attack on the spot.

“You know Greyson, you certainly don’t need to rely on me for your entertainment around here, you are more than capable of doing it yourself and a hell of a lot more I would imagine.  I just read again you to figure out who I am dealing with here,” he mentioned, almost looking bored by the whole thing.

“No way Ezroc!  This has to be some dumb kind of trick that Greg put you up to, and it is starting to make me feel strange and uncomfortable,” I stammered, my heart pounding, and my palms beginning to sweat.

“No tricks just natural ability my new and quite suspicious friend.  Now try it for yourself and concentrate on the book on my desk.  Make it rise and then go back down,” he prompted, and I felt like a fool.

“Do I have to say any magic words too?” I asked him.  I knew from the way I sounded that I seemed like a smartass.

“No words, just visualize what you want, use your hands to direct the energy, and don’t be rude, I’m trying to help you here,” he answered shortly.

Now I really felt like an idiot for insulting him like that when he was attempting to make me understand.

“I’m sorry, okay here goes,” I said, already knowing what was going to happen, a big fat nothing.

I held out my hand and visualized the heavy book rising off his desk.  Nothing, and I grinned at him, but he certainly wasn’t having it.

“This time clear your mind, only think of the book, it takes a focus to make things happen, now do it and make it come about this time,” he prompted firmly, only with a big happy smile.

I cleared my thoughts, and put my self-conscious feelings aside for the moment, and only had the book in mind like he asked me to do.  I mentally ordered it to lift from the desk, and suddenly it shot up and hit the ceiling so hard I thought it would make a hole.  It then fell back down as I was so startled and forgot to control it.

He burst out laughing clapping his hands, apparently completely delighted by my first disaster.

“Excellent!  I knew you had it in you, but you must learn to moderate your power as I’m sure you have figured out by this experience.  I would suggest hooking up with a witch here if you plan to stay at the property.  You can have them help you get a handle on things before you do some serious damage, especially if you get worked up about something,” he told me, still grinning delightedly.

I of course was shaking so hard I could hardly sit in the chair.  I was starting to get a little pissed at my parents for not telling me about this obviously important power that I was supposedly born with.

“So what about the property, and what makes you think I would stay there?  I know nothing about this area at all,” I said, still trying to calm down and change the subject, at least for now.

“It has over one hundred irrigated acres and there are three other men that work there full time, one of them hired on just weeks before Greg was killed.  I believe he had to have some kind of surgery recently and has been off the job since then.  There is a small house owned by one of them and his name is Bran Cameron.  He is another genuinely nice guy, while the two others commute in and I think they live in Black Canyon City or thereabouts if I’m not mistaken.  The watering is fed by a natural spring on the property that is located just before you begin to climb out of the Phoenix valley.  It isn’t too far from the freeway for easy access and product distribution.  The long term men working there knew about Gregor’s abilities.  They were close friends of his and had worked there when Leda was still alive.  Bran of course was her best friend at the time she bought the farm, and the small house belongs to him as I said.  There is a much older house there, Territorial Adobe in fact, that is quite large and charming in a rustic sort of way, at least from the outside, however.  There are also a few huge outbuildings to take care of the equipment and product storage.  Included in the offer are two bank accounts that he left to you.  The first one has been used for the farm and is like a household account with one hundred and twenty-five thousand kept as a rotating balance.  The second is a personal cash account and has about four hundred and thirty thousand in it.”

I was stunned to think how well Greg had done for himself, but then again, he had inherited the farm.

“Is there an income off the property?”

“Yes, after payroll and other various operating expenses, Gregor cleared about two hundred and sixty thousand a year.  The reason I can be so specific is because I just settled his taxes as the estate executor,” he explained, and again I was stunned.

“But why did he have you contact me to specifically ask me to come up here, and what is the offer you keep mentioning?  I haven’t spoken to him since high school as I told you when I got here, and frankly have no idea why he was so generous with me,” I told him and this time a tear did escape.

Ezroc gave me another brilliant smile and then handed me a tissue.

“Finally a simple question from you Greyson.  He loved you like his brother, and I also confirmed this with Bran.  You were the only one in his life before Leda that took care of him, encouraged him, protected him, and expected absolutely nothing from him in return.  By asking me this question, you have just substantiated why he loved you so much.  He adored your family and their loving and unselfish supportive kindness to him.  When each of his own parents finally died, not all that many years ago, he didn’t bother with their funerals.  They were by that time stripped of their powers and had been for decades, while basically living on and off the streets.  He was truly clear that he considered all of you his real family and knew that if you ever met again, you would just pick up where you left off.  He was seriously thinking about trying to find you just before he died so unexpectedly and wanted to rekindle your friendship.  After he was gone, I did some checking around the area where you used to live and happily found you there as you know from my initial letter to you,” he explained to me with another warm generous smile.

I was shaken to the core by his words and didn’t have a clue that his parents had come to that kind of a terrible end.  I know that when I let my own parents learn that information about them, they too will be shocked.

Reviews:Rockin McIncubus on Amazon wrote:

A very heart warming read...Greyson is surrounded by a cast of wonderful characters & his fated mate Bran...a mage & a fairy not only discover themselves but are drawn into a loving family of vampires...witches...wolves & ghost...the story exposes a dark force that is out to end Greyson & it is with the love & help of his new mate & extended family that happiness prevails...another romantic paranormal from Nathan Grant...a sweet read for everybody...enjoy

Available as Kindle Unlimited

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