Desert Witch

by Nathan Grant

Book Cover: Adam Draecon
Pages: 180

Adam Draecon
Who knew that a simple visit to Mom in Sedona would change a witch’s life forever? When I first saw Seth, it was love at first sight. Nero and Zelda were delighted by our fated connection, and called his Sire Bart Magnus, a fact unknown to me at the time, to honor us. Bart wanted to celebrate at his lodge near the Grand Canyon, but while on a nighttime photography shoot, ancient Arizona secrets are surfacing, and Craig suspects something astounding is coming.

Seth Whittaker
As I strolled into Zelda’s house with Nero, I looked up and saw Adam. I was stunned and could not breathe. Within two hours we were on the huge Magnus chopper going to celebrate our fated soulmate connection, but Vito and Craig are not speaking. I heard Craig did get out there this time, giving pilot Vito a rough landing instead of a happy ending.

Craig Wainwright
Vito finally got over himself, so now we are out with Adam who is teaching us nighttime photography. Agnes suddenly appeared looking terrified and talking about finding ancient three thousand year old wards guarding something she felt was sinister. When she mentioned wrapped up bodies, it sparked a distant memory and if I’m right, this could be beyond belief, and get me off the hot seat at least for a while.

Agnes Granville
Zelda and I took a stroll while all the guys were having fun with their cameras, but as we neared the top of a hill, we noticed something extremely odd. I waved my hand to clarify the shimmering situation, and a hidden cave appeared. When the others arrived, we all used our witch senses to read the interior of the cave. At first, we were thrilled, that is until something reached out to touch Nero’s mind, demanding to know what a witch wants with him.


Adam Draecon Desert Witch

Chapter 1

Zelda Desterra

Spoiler Alert: While this is book 4 of a series, it is intertwined with the Desert Vampire series and contains spoilers for that series, and for book 1, book 2, and book 3 of this series.

It is so good to see you again Zelda, and it has been such a long time since you were up here last.  I was beginning to think you were never coming back home, even for a quick visit.  However, if I had an over the top hot man like Nero De Santis looking after me, I’d put a deadbolt on the bedroom door and throw away the damn key!” Milly Draecon whispered to me with a giggle, while still ogling my handsome sexy Nero.


She was trying to keep her voice down as Nero was having coffee on the shaded patio with Seth Whittaker while taking in the spectacular Sedona monuments.  Nero and I had decided to take a trip up to my house in Sedona, to get away from all the normal ruckus at Italus back in Scottsdale.

We had arrived late last night with Bart insisting that Seth, his good friend, and trusted vampire commander, not to mention Magnus Systems Analyst accompany us on our trip.  Even though we seriously tried to decline we were not successful, as Bart enforced his rules without question and especially since I was his mate’s grandmother.  Iris had planned to come along too but opted out at the last minute saying she wanted to spend some quality time alone.

“Quality time alone huh, alone with that hot attorney hunk from Paradise Valley she’s been negotiating with lately,” Craig had informed me, and I knew if anyone had the dirt, it would certainly be him.

“Is something wrong dear?  You seem to have tuned out for a few moments?” Milly prompted, looking concerned at being all but ignored.

“Oh no, nothing at all Milly.  I was just thinking about Iris and hoping she’s okay.  She was supposed to come along on this little getaway of ours, but Craig told me she might be seeing someone she hasn’t mentioned to me yet is all,” I sighed, and could only hope she found someone to make her happy after how that damn Nickolas had abused his family for so many years.

“If anyone would know that wonderful Craig sure would, he’s got the drop on everyone like it or not,” she chuckled, and I smiled because she sure got that one right.

“Yes, he sure does, and some of his comments have put Nero off a bit, but I think he’s coming around and getting used to his incredibly open and suggestive comments.  You just can’t help but like him, dirty mouth, and all.  So did your son Adam make it back here like I believe you mentioned a week ago?  I’d love to see him again, he was always such a bright and handsome boy,” I asked her, and she smiled.

I knew how happy she was that he was finally coming back home for an indefinite visit after being away for so many years.

“Yes, he certainly did but he came in extremely late last night, so I let him sleep in.  There was some terribly bad weather in South America and it wreaked havoc with the plane connections down there.  I told him just to teleport home and call it a day, but he wasn’t having any of it, and instead he tried to be Mr. Practical since he has never cared much to travel that way.  He’s just like his damn father in that respect and keeps a lid on his powers for whatever reason I can’t fathom, and which of course I think is total nonsense.  Use it or lose it, I always say!  He was given those special powers at birth and should utilize them to his advantage,” she remarked, shaking her head.

“I remember that about William as well, and always felt it was odd, but each to his own.  I know some witches like to keep their powers very private, and I knew he was one of them, even though from what I read on him, his powers were very weak, almost nonexistent,” I sympathized.

Without mentioning it I also remembered what a bastard she had married and finally dumped when she couldn’t take his cheating any longer.  She did well for herself in the divorce settlement and has been a lot happier since he was gone from her life and could finally sleep at night.

It was a tribute to her that her son turned out so well, very handsome as I mentioned, an internationally successful photographer, world renown for his creativity, and a genuinely sweet caring man.

“He liked his privacy alright, along with all those women he was seeing on the side as you well know.  I heard a while back that he was seeing some married gal, and it turned out her husband was an ancient vampire and didn’t like to share.  Rumor has it the only thing that helped him to keep his head in place was his everyday ability to glamour the vampire and his wife by surprise, and to make them forget him, and then he managed to sneak away like a thief in the night to safety.

“I recall once before Iris moved in with me, while she was here on one of her rare visits, and I was out doing some shopping that he dropped by unexpectedly.  This was just after Adam left home for college so it must have been quite a few years ago since he has been gone for quite some time.  It was the last time that Iris was here before all our family problems surfaced and way before Nickolas was killed.  It seems that William came over here looking to borrow something or other, and then made a pass at her and took a good handful of her breast.  Well, let me tell you she wasn’t in the mood for that and promptly zapped him a good one.  On his way out the door, he called her a frigid bitch which of course was a terrible mistake to make with Iris and her notorious temper.  She of course let him have it again as he ran out the door and didn’t bother to moderate the intensity.  I’m surprised he was able to walk she was so angry at him,” I laughed.

I realized since he had obviously thought it was me and considering we are basically identical witch twins, that he of course didn’t realize at the time.

“You know I wondered about that, but he just told me back then that he’d been practicing defensive moves with a friend and things got out of hand.  So I guess that was true, only it was the friend being defensive and it was her boob that got out of hand,” she laughed.

“Do you ever hear from him at all anymore,” I asked, knowing how persistent he could be.

“A couple of months ago now.  He called me up and was being actually nice, talking about some of the good times we’d had in our past.  He was asking how Adam was doing, the usual family stuff and for a change, it was almost pleasant to talk to him at least at first,” she told me.

“Sorry but it sounds to me like he was after something other than walking down memory lane,” I said, and felt badly when I saw a wave of sadness cross her face.

“Unfortunately, Zelda you are right.  It seems he had gotten into some financial trouble and wanted money from me.  When we divorced, he was doing well, and we divided things evenly as I didn’t want to hurt him being Adam’s father, I only wanted him gone and out of my life as you well know and for what.  He always gambled but generally made money at it, but it seems he’d been on a losing streak to some warlocks for quite some time and they were making it clear the money had better appear and soon.  I just told him he made his own bed so forget it and go ask one of his girlfriends for a loan.  He started to argue with me and then suddenly apologized, and I decided to let it go.”

“Odd that he would do such an about face with you, I’d always thought he was pretty damn stubborn about most things,” I said, remembering a few times when we’d had a problem in the past.

“Right you are, so then he started asking about Adam all over again, and of course he was aware of his success and said he would just contact him instead.  As you know Adam had been on his own for a long time, so I asked William to get off the phone.  And as you suspect, yes Adam was well aware of his father’s true nature by then and was completely disgusted by it.  I thought about giving Adam a call to let him know that his father was sniffing around, but then again, as I just said, he is an adult and can fight his own battles.  He can also make his own judgements about people, his dad included.  Sometime about a week later I had an email from Adam telling me that his dad had approached him for money, and he had turned him down flat and hoped that I would understand and not think less of him for it.  He basically let him have it, and told him that he knew about our settlement, and it should have been more than enough to keep him comfortable and should have been invested instead of pissing it away gambling, his words not mine, and trust me, hearing that from my son shocked me!  He also knew that while I kept the Sedona house, he got the ocean front house in Laguna Beach that was worth several million even back then, and both were free and clear.  Adam also told him that he always saved and invested most of his earnings, and didn’t have a lot of free cash, and was sorry but he then told him a second time that he should stop gambling and grow up.”

“I bet that went over well,” I commented, and she smiled, and I could imagine what her ex had to say about that.

“Like a fart in church actually,” she snickered.

I had to laugh in surprise because Milly did tend to be more conservative with her comments than the rest of us, and despite that stance, she does love Craig and they chat often, especially when the rumor mills are on the move.

“I do have something that I haven’t even told Adam about however, so keep this to yourself if you would,” she cautioned me, and I nodded, putting my hand over hers, and wondered how I could slip it to Craig of course.

“Obviously, I will, you know that Milly.  If you don’t feel comfortable talking about something just now, you know that I’m here for you whenever you feel more like chatting,” I told her.

I certainly meant it as she definitely had been a good friend to me more than once, especially where Lila was concerned when she tried to kill me.

Milly waved her hand in the air and shook her head.

“No, I’m fine.  As I’ve told you in the past, my sister Inez doesn’t have the best of relationships with her lazy husband.  I think they basically just tolerate each other if the truth be told.  He doesn’t work, is a slob in general, and has sponged off her to the point that finances are getting very thin.  As you remember, he is a human and refuses to let her use her magic, but that may be due to the fact she is one huge fuck up when it comes to getting it right.  Well as it turns out, William had approached her for money as well, no shame there, and she had no alternative but to tell him it was out of the question as she was getting very tight herself.  Now despite how trying she can be, Inez has kept her looks, by using magic on the sly I would imagine.  She is still quite a beautiful provocative type of woman as you well know, but a little too slutty for my taste.  So from what she told me one thing led to another and she has been seeing William on a regular basis, and of course the slob is unaware of it naturally.”

Now that one certainly caught me off guard.

“No!  Banging William?  Oh I would just die!  Oops, sorry if I offended you,” I exclaimed, getting the shivers even thinking about it.  I was shocked, and that’s not easy to come by for me, but that guy invented sleazy, especially in his later years.

“Oh yes indeed and every which way she can from what I hear, and I’m certainly not offended, after all look at the way he let himself go, or perhaps you haven’t seen him lately!  And, from what she tells me, and she told me about this to keep me from getting my feelings hurt which would never happen in his case if I found out, but she claims that things are getting serious.  Ha!  She’s now going to kick her no good husband out and divorce him, so at least something good is coming of it, but I’m certain she will live to seriously regret this move,” she informed me.

I was absolutely appalled by even the thought of it and talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire.

“Does she plan to hook up and possibly marry William?  That seems a bit farfetched to me, considering all the financial churning I would think,” I asked feeling still amazed, and for once I was scandalized.

I can’t wait to text Craig.

“I think that is where she was heading, but I would call it a complete disaster myself,” she commented and I agreed, confused but agreed.

“But doesn’t she understand she is trading one gross problem for another?  If he asked her for money, she must realize that he’s wanting to take her for a ride as well.  I would think even if it is a short ride due to lack of funds, that it would not be the kind of ride she is looking for,” I surmised, and then tried to suppress a giggle.

I wondered silently and how long it would take him to change saddles when the money ran out.

“Of course he is, and she should know better from my dealings with him in the past.  I cried on her shoulder several times about all his flagrant infidelity and she had plenty to say about him back then.  She is more than capable of doing so much better than William, no matter how handsome and charming he can be, or was I have to admit,” she said, shaking her head sadly.

I was just about to answer her when we heard a knock on the front door, and Milly smiled looking incredibly happy.

“I left a note for Adam to tell him where I was, and I’ll bet that is him.  I know he wanted to see you again Zelda and was asking about you last night after he got here,” she said as I hurried to the door, excited to see him myself.

“Zelda!” Adam exclaimed, throwing his arms around me, and giving me a long warm hug, and then he spun me around as I squealed like a teenager, and it felt so wonderful to see him again, especially since I’ve known him from birth.

“You certainly are looking well, even more handsome than when I last saw you,” I enthused, and for once I wasn’t being polite or politically correct, this man is a profoundly serious hottie with brains to boot.

As we walked over toward the great room, Nero stepped back inside to see what the commotion was all about with Seth following behind him as they reentered the house.  I was just about to introduce them when I noticed the stunned look on Adam’s face then turned to see Seth with a similar expression, staring openly back at him, and I felt like ducking as their connection was so intense and strong.

“Adam, I’d like you to meet Nero De Santis, my boyfriend for lack of a better term, and Seth Whittaker, from the Italus Bart Magnus coven.  He is a close personal friend of Bart Magnus and Vito Lizorno.  And yes, before I go any farther, the attraction is making even me feel nervous, and giving me an itch,” I laughed as Nero stuck out his hand to shake, followed by Seth who almost seemed to be in a trance.

I saw Milly remain standing frozen with her mouth open when her son plainly ignored Seth’s and Nero’s outstretched hands.  He then moved over to wrap his arms tightly and possessively around Seth, kissing him soundly, and did not bother to let go or look at anyone else.

“Well this has to be one for the records, Craig will have a field day about all this when he arrives here later or gets my text first!” I laughed, but it was evident I was practically talking to myself.

“Adam dear, are you forgetting yourself here?  I’m sorry about this Zelda but I don’t know what else to say, other than it looks like intense fated lightning has struck here quite unpredictably,” Milly said, sounding somewhat flustered with this dramatic and irresistible turn of events.

Her words seemed to break them out of their spellbound state and then Adam shook his head and turned to look at her.

“Gee, I’m sorry Mom and I’m not trying to be rude here, but somehow this man means something, I mean everything to me.  Seth, do you feel something as well, or am I acting like an ass?” he asked him.

Almost like he was still in a trance Seth slowly nodded at him, then licked his lips before he spoke.

“I have felt nothing like this before in my life, and I apologize to you all,” he almost whispered, still looking like he was in a daze.


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