by Finn Dixon

Book Cover: Snowballing
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  • Snowballing

A single dad. A flirty manny. A crafty kid. Do they stand a snowball’s chance in hell of a merry and bright future together?


It was literally the biggest d*ck I’d ever seen in person, and I started to question if my ass could handle it. But I didn’t quit drinking Diet Coke like I said I was going to last year and I wasn’t about to quit now either. After all, ten inches was a rare commodity these days.

It was supposed to be a one and done experience, so I was shocked when our paths crossed again - out of the bedroom.

I can’t remember the last time I felt a pull this strong, but I’d never dated a client before. Maybe this one’s too good to pass up?


Being a single dad pretty much meant I had to schedule NSFW time and rely on a babysitter. It’s all part of my exciting life in finance with the now-added bonus of after-school hockey practices.

After my company rewarded me with a trip to Hawaii, I was on the hunt for a new kid-watcher. Based on my neighbor's recommendation, I'm introduced to Gareth - the last person I expected to see.

But the human mind is a funny thing because I don't see that as a problem. And neither does my c*ck.

Snowballing is a gay, rom-com, age gap, holiday novella with enough spice to season a whole gingerbread village. It features a dash of forced proximity, a blitzen of kink, a comet of forbidden romance, and of course, Finn’s fetish for jockstraps. There is snow in the book, but most of the white stuff contained herein isn’t cold and it isn’t falling from the sky in flake form. Snowballing is the first book in the Snow Dates series - an annual, kink-positive, holiday series about men falling in love with other men.

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About the Author

Finn Dixon is a full-time zookeeper in hot-as-balls Florida that writes hot-as-balls MM romance in his free time. A long-time fan of the genre, he is dipping his toe into the pool of sizzling and spicy writers already out there and hoping to score.

If you liked that opening paragraph, or the self-deprecating sense of humor that came with it, you’ll love his style of writing. When he isn’t being sarcastic or trying to make someone laugh, he spends the rest of his free time charming the pants off his boyfriend, snuggling with two kitties, and pretending to garden (it’s Florida - it’s too damn hot out).

Finn also likes watching gay films and shows with happy endings (giggity), playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, re-watching Jurassic Park and Clue, and travelling when he can afford it.

And yes, he likes jocks, but he promises all his books won’t be about them.

Or will they?

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