by Dez Schwartz

Book Cover: The Dandy Medium
Pages: 152

Alfred “Alfie” Hughes is a spiritual medium who has more than enough people in his social circle. Unfortunately, they're all dead. That is until Detective Sebastian Davies arrives in Nótt Haven, a tourist town known for its active nightlife, and deems Alfie's abilities—perhaps, even his company—worthy of closer inspection.

A circus performer, known as The World Bender, mysteriously disappears and a slew of peculiar murders accumulate. Suspecting foul play as unusual as the crimes themselves, Sebastian enlists Alfie to guide him through the town's supernatural underbelly to find answers; and, in the process, Alfie might solve the biggest enigma of all: human connection.

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About the Author

Dez Schwartz writes Dreampunk, Paranormal, and LGBTQ Romance about dapper men, dream creatures, and supernatural misadventures.

Her debut series, ROAM, is published by NineStar Press.

Dez enjoys small-town living in a haunted Edwardian home in Texas with her family and pirate crew of pets.


Pronouns: She/Her

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