by Finn Dixon

Rings of Lust Cover
Part of the Champions series:
Editions:Paperback: $ 14.99
Pages: 356


My parents had warned me a relationship would be a disaster for my gymnastics career, threatening to pull their financial support. So, I floated from one guy to the next for years.

And now, at the biggest event of my life, I found myself lonely and wanting more. And the one guy I wanted it with was Cam.

He went to the same college. He was on the same team. Just not my team.

Ugh...I had a crush on a straight guy.


''Maybe you just need to get laid?" my teammate had suggested.

Here I was, my first Olympics and all I could think about was sex. My first and only time was terrible to say the least and I was hesitant to try again. Hell, I wasn't even out of the closet either.

But the Olympic Village was pretty much a buffet of abs and glutes, and it was athletes only. Coach did tell us to loosen up. Maybe it was time to do just that...but like, naked and with another guy.

I can totally do this casual anonymous thing, right?

Rings of Lust is a full-length MM novel, the first in a trilogy, that has a CLIFFHANGER ending and an eventual HEA, just not in this book. Be prepared for third wheel sarcasm, platypus babies, rippling Olympian muscle, and teenage sexual escapades just behind the scenes at the world’s biggest athletic event.

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“I concede. I concede,” Tyler begged, while trying to push his hair away from his eyes. “You’re so macho. You’re the manliest man there is. Sneak towel-whipping a vulnerable, naked surfer boy into submission.”

“Always with the snark,” I said, heading to my locker.

“It’s my charm bubbling out in new and hilarious ways,” he called out after me.

The other guys finished too, and were toweling off nearby. Our outfits for the presser were hanging by our lockers.

“This means we can stop pretending like we don’t know, right?” Graham asked.

I thought he was asking his brother, but I glanced at Grant and he was looking at me.

“You mind?” I asked Luke, looking for help.

“Up to you, Cam.”


We hadn’t discussed it, but clearly, Luke had no problem letting them know about us. It was becoming clearer that they already knew. What was the point of hiding anymore with them? It was probably better for them to know, anyway.

“Uh, yeah, Graham. I’m with Luke. We’re together. Like...a couple.”


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