by Finn Dixon

Floored by Love Cover
Part of the Champions series:
Pages: 386


I tell myself I can do it all over again. And do it better. Even without a boyfriend.

I mean...who better to succeed at the Olympics than me? Though training this close to Cam again and seeing how his body has developed might be too much for me.

Plus, being naked in the locker room with him makes it even focus.

It doesn’t take long for my pining curiosity to turn into desperate hope.

Is it possible that Cam still has feelings for me?



I relied on Erika to survive my heartbreak. I even made a new friend, the tall glass of water known as Colton. Any normal gay dude would have thrown themselves at him and said, ‘Pick a hole.’

Not me, of course. While I was tempted, at least one part of me didn’t give the green light. My heart.

What was left of it still belonged to Luke.

Without answers for what happened in Brisbane, he’s my teammate again. If only my hormones would mind their own business, then maybe I could focus on the Olympics and worry about Luke after I win.

Piece of ass...I mean, piece of cake.

I’m so fucked.


Floored by Love is a full-length gay romance novel, the second in the Rings Trilogy, with no major triggers, but possibly a little angst. Within these pages, you’ll find notepad flirting, almost-sex in a hospital, freeballing, a wet superhero with a bare ass, five Olympians in a hot tub and muscles flexing beneath designer jockstraps. Oh. It’s also the Olympics again. And though there’s a third book coming, there is no cliffhanger this time.

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