by Rob Rosen

Book Cover: Queerwolf
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99

When you wake up on a ferry, naked, in a pool of blood, there’s nowhere else to go but up. Up, that is, into the arms of your hunky upstairs neighbor. And so starts the comic misadventure of Blake and Ted as they go from San Francisco to Salt Lake City to Las Vegas and back again, collecting their motley wolfpack along the way, not to mention a whole slew of unexpected surprises.

Will good win out? Can different really be better? And can the Queerwolf keep his new breed of pack together and alive? Read on to find out, but better leave the doors locked because this pack travels on its stomach ... and you could be next on the menu!

Reviews:Christy on Rainbow Book Reviews wrote:

I met Blake, the QueerWolf, in another Rob Rosen book titled 'Vamp'. Since I adored that story and laughed my way through it, naturally I had to read the beginning of it all. Plus, who could possibly resist a book named 'QueerWolf'? And, as I had adored the author's writing previously, I had a pretty good feeling about this story.

Blake woke up naked, covered in blood on the deck of a ferry boat, no wallet, no phone, no keys, no memory of what happened the night before after he stepped away from the bar and went to the restroom. He makes his way home and runs into Ted, his downstairs neighbor, whom Blake has ogled a lot, but they don't really know each other very well. Ted lets him use his phone and his shower and loans him some clothes. While Blake is in the shower dreaming of Ted coming in and joining him…that exact thing occurs. Huh. When Blake asks Ted what's going on, not that he's complaining, Ted pulls away and says he doesn't know, he was just drawn to Blake. Weird keeps getting weirder. Blake gets back into his apartment only to find it demolished. Then he gets a phone call from a stranger, but not really a stranger, at least not to his gut, who tells him he'll be over that evening and explain everything. The weirder just got the weirdest!

And the strangeness keeps coming. Pun intended! Ted convinces Blake, after a joint orgasm, that they need to spy on the guy who is coming over instead of meeting with him. They do, and the only thing Blake recognizes is the guy's eyes - he remembers those as the last thing he saw the night before. Turns out the guy is Steven Littleton, the police chief's son, but they still have no idea what he wants with Blake. The fact that Blake is eating everything in sight, is constantly aroused, and keeps passing out isn't helping matters. Turns out on the night of the full moon, Blake changes into a werewolf, ends up at Steven's house, and almost gets killed by his pack. Steven saves him, but there's no explanation for why his pack behaved that way. Telling Ted the next morning about his new condition is fun, but since Blake is an anomaly in that he should have changed at puberty, sends them on a trip to visit Blake's parents. Seems both of their grandfathers were werewolves but the gene skipped a couple generations and since Blake didn't change at puberty they just assumed he wasn't one too.

Unfortunately, they have bigger problems than just Blake is a werewolf. It appears the werewolf gene mutated so that Blake can change whenever he wants, not just on the full moon, which explains the pack wanting to kill him for his differences. Blake, Ted, and Blake's grandpa track down an offshoot of their family tree, and huh, what d'ya know? They are all werewolves. It appears the Henry family produces a lot of alpha wolves which is the other reason Steven and his pack want to kill Blake. Well. Steven would rather he join his pack, but that would be awkward having two alphas together. Instead, Blake and Ted set off to locate other lone wolves like himself and convince them to join Blake's pack. Easy peasy, huh? Blake ends up with a drag queen who wants boobs, a female who needs a mate to break her current pack loyalty, a guy whose mom has kept him tranquilized for a year to prevent him changing, and a guy who changed and never really changed back. Perfect pack for the QueerWolf!

This was another wonderful, funny and very quirky book by an incredibly talented author. The ending was wonderful and not what I was expecting. The romance between Ted and Blake was sweet and hot, with a lot of laughter. All in all just a great book that I enjoyed immensely.

Jen on Top 2 Bottom Reviews wrote:

Blake a werewolf, which was dormant inside of him till recent, finds himself naked on ferry with a pool of blood surrounding him and no idea how it occurred and a trashed up apartment. Ted, a tall and lean, dark hair, blue eyes, and a smile that puts the twinkling lights of heaven to shame, helps out Blake to locate and find Blake’s kind since the pack in his hometown want to kill him since he is different from them. Throughout the story Blake finds out the truth as to why he is a werewolf, why packs in several states wants to kill him and his kind and the powers which develop and aid in his search for Blake’s pack along with his family.

Queerwolf was an enjoyable book filled with funny characters which will leave you wanting to read more. Although the characters must travel long distances to find werewolf’s like Blake, which you will discover why in the story (wink), they encounter many of Blake’s kind and have to do the impossible to succeed in finding his own pack and persuade them to stay with him to fight off other packs which threaten to destroy them since they are different.
I highly recommend this book and I assure you, you won’t want to put the book down [grinning].

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