by Dominic N. Ashen

Storms & Sacrifice Cover
Editions:ePub: $ 6.99
ISBN: 9781644503416
Pages: 457
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Pages: 384
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ISBN: 9781644503423
Pages: 410
ISBN: 9781644503409
DOI: 16.99

What happens when a feisty human and his controlling orc fall in love?

After a rocky start, David is settling into his new life with Khazak, the orc who is his... Owner? Friend? Lover? He's still figuring that out, and with his friends in jail for the next two months, he's got time. Or at least he will when he's not working with Khazak and the other rangers to keep the city of V'rok'sh Tah'lj safe. It would also be nice if the weird dreams he's been having would stop. He's done a lot of growing (and not just emotionally), but he can't say this is where he saw himself winding up after leaving the knight academy. At least it's only temporary, right?

For his part, Khazak has been all too happy to have David around. It's not that his life was boring, he was just used to his routine before the troublesome human entered his life and shook things up. Now he has someone to talk to, share his meals with; they're even working together. Plus, he finally has someone to take to the upcoming Uzu'gor festival like he's always wanted. Unfortunately, what starts with a simple robbery leads to the uncovering of a plot far more sinister, one that threatens not just the limited time he has left with David, but the entire city.

A story full of humor, romance, mystery, and kinky outdoor orc festivals! Readers new and old will love this chapter in the continuing tale of David & Khazak and their developing relationship. If you love gay/male-on-male romances that feature kink, BDSM, and Dom/sub elements, all set in an anachronistic fantasy world, this book is for you!

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About the Author

Dominic N. Ashen is an award-winning author and avid reader, with a heavy focus on gay, BDSM-themed erotica. After spending his youth in search of books with characters who were more like himself - queer ones, specifically - he decided to start creating some of his own. His stories star queer protagonists, most often gay and bisexual men, and feature heavy themes of dominance, submission, and all sorts of kinks. Dominic loves the fantasy, sci-fi, and horror genres, with a penchant for writing longer stories where he is able to weave in the sex and kink right alongside the plot.

You can learn more about the author and what he's working on by visiting his website at or following him on Twitter @DomNAshen.

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