by Dominic N. Ashen

Steel & Thunder Cover
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A fantastical spin on classic romance meets tabletop storytelling meets fantasy erotica!

When David went exploring with his friends, he figured they might come across some old ruins or maybe even fight a few monsters. He never expected that he'd wind up captured by an orc and turned into his pet; he expected even less that he'd actually like it. It all started when he was sitting in a jail cell, so desperate to escape that he agreed to trial by combat: The Ritual of Steel & Thunder. He opens the fight strong, but when his competitor manages to overpower him, things start to heat up and he realizes he may have signed on for more than he bargained for.

Captain Khazak Ironstorm is the orc ranger responsible for David's arrest--and after defeating him in combat, his new owner. Initially amused by his slave's antics, something deeper begins to grow between them--something dark that draws Khazak in as much as it troubles him. More confounding than that are the feats of agility and speed his new pet seems able to perform as if they were nothing. What he does know is that if there is anyone capable of taming this barbaric human's behavior, it's him.

A tale of romance mixed with some humor, adventure, and a heaping helping of kink. Read all about the journey of David and Khazak as they learn to understand each other and uncover the mysteries of the magical world around them. Readers who love kink, BDSM, Dom/sub, and other elements of gay/male-on-male romance will love what this story has to offer.

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Reviews:Anelynde Smit on Readers' Favorite wrote:

"Steel and Thunder by Dominic N. Ashen is one of those books you cannot put down. Our story opens with a group that has decided to travel the world looking for magic and more. They hear about some Elven ruins and they head right for them, not knowing that this is Orc territory. Not long into the exploration, they are confronted by a group of Orcs and begin fighting, which was a big mistake. Easily overpowered by the Orcs, they are taken to prison. David Cerano, one of the knights, tells the Orc official that he wants to fight for their freedom in a 'to-the-death' match. He is prepared and then placed in the ring with Captain Ironstorm, the very Orc who captured him. The fight is one of epic proportions, and once David thinks he has the upper hand, he is beaten. He realizes that this was not a fight to free him. Captain Ironstorm now owns David, like a pet! David is not happy, with various attempts to escape failing. He and Ironstorm begin having different feelings, no longer disdain or anger, but something akin to affection? What will happen to David when his friends are released? Will he ever be free again? Is being with Ironstorm really bad, or maybe more than he could imagine?

Steel and Thunder by Dominic N. Ashen was one of the most fun books I have read in a long time. There was a lot of graphic sex, but the story would have lost all impact if it were only implied and not detailed. I loved that the Orcs were very civilized and that David soon realized he wasn't dealing with a group of barbarians but a society with laws, officials, and inside bathrooms. You are never really sure what will happen next and that keeps you reading. This book is so unique that I laughed and I blushed on the same page. The detail was very good. The feelings and inner dialog of David were so funny and relevant that I felt like he was talking to me, letting me in on intimate secrets. Captain Ironstorm was a very handsome Orc and I loved his dry sense of humor and playfulness. The BDSM aspect made the story more interesting. This book was fun, naughty, and a little humorous at times and I found it hard to put down. The LGBTQ community should give this one a read. I am sure anyone into the BL scene would love this book. Highly recommended if you want to have some fun."

About the Author

Dominic N. Ashen is an award-winning author and avid reader, with a heavy focus on gay, BDSM-themed erotica. After spending his youth in search of books with characters who were more like himself - queer ones, specifically - he decided to start creating some of his own. His stories star queer protagonists, most often gay and bisexual men, and feature heavy themes of dominance, submission, and all sorts of kinks. Dominic loves the fantasy, sci-fi, and horror genres, with a penchant for writing longer stories where he is able to weave in the sex and kink right alongside the plot.

You can learn more about the author and what he's working on by visiting his website at or following him on Twitter @DomNAshen.

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