by Colin Dereham

Book Cover: One Night Stand
Part of the Bondi Bears series:

Gritty, realistic and finely detailed, “One Night Stand” examines the intense and explicit bonds formed between men when they are drawn together in the heat of physical attraction. Whether it’s a weekend fling that can sadly go nowhere, a marathon of passion that sparks a potential relationship, or former bedroom buddies now on the brink of finding their happily-ever-after, this collection probes deep into the grey intersection where sex and love combine.

BEAR AFFAIR When they meet at a Sydney bar, good-time bear Gary and sweet ginger teddy Angus experience an electrifying connection that leads to a night of unbridled, intense passion; a loving, sensual aftermath; and a painful, bittersweet decision.

BLINDER Isolated and struggling with his recent descent into legal blindness, Ben accompanies his friend Damo to a gay wedding, where they meet Ric and Tony. After a sizzling evening of intimacy between the four, Ben is floored by the intense chemistry he shares with Tony, and desperately hopes this spark will ignite into something more than a one-night-stand.

BOURBON AND CIGARETTES Plagued by the rocky start to his now-idyllic relationship, Jeff consults an unorthodox psychoanalyst to examine his fear of commitment. Working through his past history as a victim of domestic violence, Jeff begins to see a clear path ahead of him, and a scorching evening with the man he loves seals their happy future together.


About the Author

Having started with a clear mission to create a hybrid of grunge lit and gay erotica, Colin’s books are gritty and realistic depictions of same-gender-loving life in the Australian urban landscape. They include the novels Nervous Kid, Hound and The Lookout, and a collection of short stories called One Night Stand.
He lives in Sydney with two great blokes, two rowdy Italian Greyhounds and a non-binary talking budgie.

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