by Colin Dereham

Book Cover: Nervous Kid
Part of the Bondi Bears series:

As a young college graduate, Ryan Underwood's mother's impulsive choices destroyed the Brazilian Duarte family, scattering them across the globe.

When they reunite sixteen years later, the children from both sides of the family meet for the first time. Tentative connections are explored, relationships develop and a fragile family unit starts to form. Life looks rosy again for the Underwood-Duartes, until Mrs. Underwood's actions send a rift through them once more, tearing the siblings apart for over twenty years.

Eventually, the brothers reconnect through tragedy. Broken homes, broken dreams and broken promises have festered in their lives as they tried to create families of their own. But now, for the first time, they finally have a chance to build the relationship they’ve always needed.

“Nervous Kid” is a brutally frank depiction of contemporary gay life, with laughter, tears, burning love and a whole lot of heart.

Please note: this book contains strong adult themes, sexual scenes and violence.


About the Author

Having started with a clear mission to create a hybrid of grunge lit and gay erotica, Colin’s books are gritty and realistic depictions of same-gender-loving life in the Australian urban landscape. They include the novels Nervous Kid, Hound and The Lookout, and a collection of short stories called One Night Stand.
He lives in Sydney with two great blokes, two rowdy Italian Greyhounds and a non-binary talking budgie.

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