by Lee Quail

Book Cover: Gideon
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It's the year 2400.

Toba has erupted and plunges the earth into a cold, dark volcanic winter.

The world is divided into two factions, Denizens who opted to go underground, and the Solarians who remain on the surface. But there is something more than sinister in the air; children have developed kinetic powers, which, used in the wrong hands, could decimate all of humanity. Governments all around the world want them.

But Commander Gideon Kinsman won't have any of that.

He's prepared to do anything to stop them in their tracks and risk losing friends and colleagues.

More than this, he must be prepared to face the ultimate choice; choose the children, or lose the man he loves more than anything in the world.


Two days.

Callum refused to leave his apartment for several reasons; he’d lose his sense of emotional control in the presence of others, he’d want to see Gideon and that itched at his heart every second.

His humanity. He sometimes feared rejection. Sometimes failure. Sometimes he possessed a fear of offending. A fear of running dry. He also tended to be afraid at times. And sometimes he was lazy, unproductive. He made excuses. Sometimes didn’t listen to advice.

And he loved Gideon.

Spending two days hiding away from that feeling just made him more and more human. He drank. And drank some more. Spun around in circles. He didn’t shower. He was torn between what Gideon had done and what Gideon could still do.


On the third day, like Jesus, he rose from his slumber and made his way towards the infirmary where Gideon lay, skin pale, breathing heavilly, a grimace of pain permanently etched onto his face. He didn’t see Callum standing in the doorway.

“You look much better,” Callum said, smiling.

Gideon whipped his head around to face him. “Callum?”

Callum approached his bedside.

“Doctors want me here until tomorrow.”

“They told me.”

“You didn’t come for two days.”

Callum held his breath. Everyone needs to have someone who cares. No one likes to know they are alone. Gideon was no exception.

“You didn’t shave.”

“No excuse for that. I should have.”

“No – you look amazing.”

“I didn’t come because you've torn me to pieces. I don’t know what’s right and wrong anymore.” Callum said.

“I can explain everything, just not now.”

“I know.”

“Callum, is it true?”

“Is what true?”

“You said you love me. Did you mean it?”

“Every word.”

Reviews:Virginia Lee on Goodreads wrote:

This story was great introduction into the future after a great destruction. If you like to see a lot action with a sci fi twist then you will enjoy this book.

Bran on Amazon wrote:

Didn't know what I was reading at first then next thing I knew, I couldn't put it down. This book made me think. I think you'll like this book.

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