by Lee Quail

Book Cover: Raw Deception (#2 in the Raw Instinct Series)
Part of the Raw Instinct series:
  • Raw Deception (#2 in the Raw Instinct Series)
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Rawson Curisco and Edward Canton live an idyllic life in the Drakensberg (Mountain of the Dragon).

But that idyllic life is interrupted when Edward's estranged father, Lieutenant Gregory Basye Sander, visits to celebrate their first anniversary.

Gregory is 48, a pilot in the South African Airforce, and he's not out. During this visit he meets 27-year-old Detective Shane Devin. From the moment of their meeting, there is trouble in heaven. Small vignettes of deception blot Gregory and Shane's relationship with insecurity, but neither of them could have foreseen the final, tragic outcome of a deception much larger than they could ever have imagined.


Gregory wondered who would make the first move. Younger, or older? Shane was the same age as Edward. Would Edward and Raw see this move as being inappropriate like Stephen had found with his sister? He didn’t know, and right now, he didn’t care.

Gregory stared Shane for a long time before Shane realised he was looking. Gregory swallowed hard, but it was Shane who came in for the kiss. A gentle, caring kiss. One that spread sprinkles of stardust throughout Gregory’s body.

“Do you think the moon cares?” Shane asked, whispering.

“I think the moon cares,” Gregory replied, whispering too.

“There’s no one here. Just you and me and the moon.”

“I think I prefer it that way.”

Shane kissed his neck. “I couldn’t take my eyes off you from the moment we met.”

Gregory felt Shane’s hand cover his groin and he shut his eyes hard. “Shane, I…I don’t think we should be doing this. You’re engaged.”


Shane continued playing down there. His fingers groped and squeezed gently, then he brought his hand up into the light. He had removed the ring.

“Not anymore. I know what I want.”

“That’s the problem. You don’t know what you want. You want Joe, then you have doubts. Now you want me. You’re confusing yourself, and me. Don’t get me wrong, I want you too, but not while you belong to someone else. If we have sex tonight, it’s done. It’s over.”

Reviews:Janice Jarrell on Amazon wrote:

I cried many times as Gregory fought his way to his place at Shane’s side and was thrilled when their love seemed to rise above its many obstacles and lead them to the happiness both men deserved. But in a Lee Quail novel, you can never take anything for granted.

I hope we haven’t seen the last of the passionate and deeply emotional men of the ‘RAW Instincts’ universe.

Al on Amazon wrote:

Another love story that will have you laughing, crying and wanting more!
Lee manages to write characters that are so believable and real. The story full of wonderful passages that show the Love the Writer has in his heart, through the characters and story he created. He is a Wonderful Writer. Thank you Lee for another year jerker. You can count on this book to bring you happiness, laughter and tears. I dont like spoilers so no details of the story. But it is a MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Along with Raw and Edward's Story in Book 1.

Sue Allen Milkovich on Amazon wrote:

This is a MAGNIFICENTLY written story!! Incredible content told with sincerity and feeling. Fantastic settings, sunsets and boat rides. This is a story that begins with Raw and Edward. Things get really dicey when Gregory, Edward's father and Shane meet. This is a book that will grab you and hold you to the last sentence. I couldn't put it down!!! This is written in the smooth style that is, Lee Quail. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!!!!!

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