by Lee Quail

Book Cover: Raw (#1 in the Raw Instinct Series)
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 0.99
Pages: 242

Amateur boxer, Rawson Curisco isn't out of the closet.

He's the kind of guy who gets his tricks in cruise bars and nightclubs. He's the guy who takes you home for a night and forgets your name. But, life as he knows it, screeches to a halt when he meets uber-sexy, ex-boxer Edward Canton, who has other ideas.

Raw's base is his father's boxing gym, and when Edward joins, Raw's world is turned upside down much like a rogue wave capsizes a ship in deep water. When the gym starts failing financially, both boxers team up to save themselves and the gym, but, a tragic episode in Edward's life prevents him from moving forward, an incident so devastating he refuses to awaken it.

Raw continues his quest to boxing greatness, knowing that any fight could be his last . Their secrets are heavy burdens, but what are they worth when the only difference between winning and losing is when the purse holds your heart?

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“I can’t box anymore, Raw. My mental health is more important to me,” Edward avoided Raw's gaze.

“Your mental health?" Raw exclaimed. "Your fucking mental health! I’ve begged you to join us. I’ve apologized for being a prick. I’ve pinned my hopes high on you joining us because this gym needs you. We’ve set out each morning. How many more times must I ask? How many more times?” Raw came around and stood in front of Edward, their noses touching. “Why the fuck did you come? You could have left a message on Dad’s cell phone, maybe then he wouldn’t be outside wishing he could die.”

“You don’t understand. You have no idea how difficult this is for me.”

“All I understand is you’ve been wasting my time. Playing games with me. I thought we were getting to know each other, in the meantime, you were pretending. Tell you what, go back to your online dating thing but leave me the hell…”


“I killed a man!” Edward exploded. “Raw...I...” Edward’s eyes bloated with tears.

Raw shut up.

“I killed a man,” Edward whispered.


“I killed a man.”

“You’re serious, right?” Raw stepped away from him.

“Masinga, from the Democratic Republic of Congo. In the ring. I fucking killed him with these!” He raised his fists. “Are you satisfied now? Does it make you feel in control now that you know?”

Edward headed for the door. He had to leave to escape the pain, never to return. He got as far as the door when Raw stopped him with a crushing hand on his shoulder.

“Leave me, Raw. Leave me. Let me go, please. I beg you. Let me go.”

“Talk to me, Ed. Jesus, how was I to know? Talk to me.”

Edward’s tears tore at Raw. He placed his arms around this poor man standing before him, naked as a fragile flower, a broken man who could not forget the past, a man who could not forgive himself.

“Talk to me.” Raw whispered, keeping Edward’s face close to his own.

“It’s lived with me all this time and I’ve kept it to myself all these years because I’m nothing but a coward and a murderer. I want so desperately to join your gym, but don’t you see how it’s been for me?”

“Jesus, Ed. I’m so sorry.”

“Talking’s not going to make a difference. Talking won’t bring Masinga back.”

“Sit down, relax for a moment. Breathe, buddy. Breathe.” Raw said, and buzzed reception. “Anita, bring me two cups of coffee.”

Reviews:Sue Allen Milkovich on Amazon wrote:

This is the first book I have read by LEE QUAIL. It is absolutely wonderful and remarkably written. The pace and flow of this story is perfect. It revolves around the world of boxing. You can't help but fall for Raw and Edward. The dynamic between these two powerful men is unique and awe inspiring. I loved this book and I'm looking forward to reading more from this talented author. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!!!!

Karen E. on Amazon wrote:

Oh, my gosh where do I begin? I definitely rode a rollercoaster of emotions reading this book. Raw, man. That guy! Too stubborn for his own good. Edward, he’s so sweet and he gives Raw the one thing that he’s been missing. I developed an attachment to these two characters rather quickly. They made me smile. They made me shed a few tears. Boxing is one of my favorite sports romances, next to MMA, and it just did it for me. The ending, man-oh-man! I wasn’t sure where Lee Quail was going with it and what an ending it was! If you love a good sports romance with all the feels, I suggest giving this one a try.

AL on Amazon wrote:

The story of two box fighters in South Africa. The story of stubbornness, ego, fear and love. Above all, love. I loved the plot Lee came up with for this one - plenty of turnabouts and twists to keep you entertained from start to finish.
What I loved above all in this book however, was the narration and language. I have never read a story written in such a way, almost poetic and grandiose at times, but oddly fitting the story throughout. This for sure is a very unique quality and a great selling point to this story.

Janice Jarrell on Amazon wrote:

If you want a book that is filled with drama, fabulous characters, hot sex scenes, a sexy boxer and a whole lot more, look no further than RAW, a sexy, intense, steamy knockout of a book by Lee Quail!!

I can’t wait to read more about Edward and Raw’s life journey. I’ll be waiting anxiously for Lee Quail’s next release!

Boxing is one of the many sports where there still exists a certain stigma attached to being gay. Only a handful of professional boxers have come out but most prefer to live their gay lives secretly for fear of discrimination. Those who have conquered that stigma include Al Brown, Freddie Mills and Welterweight champion Emile Griffith, who won six world titles and also killed a man in the ring.

“I keep thinking how strange it is; I kill a man and most people understand and forgive me. However, I love a man and many say this makes me an evil person.” – Emile Griffith

Boxing is, as one commentator put it, “a man’s sport”. There exists the very real and tragic threat of dying in the ring, or permanent brain damage. More than 230 boxers died in the 1920s and 103 in the 2000s.

In Memoriam:

Michael Norgrove “The Zambesi Hitman” (British) 6 April, 2013

Frankie Leal “The Little Soldier” (Mexico) 23 October 2013

Davie Brown (Australia) 14 September 2015

Scott Westgarth (British) February 2018

Roman Simakov (Russian) 8 December 2011

In Coma

Magomed Abdulsalanov (Russian) is still in a coma after his fight in Madison Square Gardens in November 2013.

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