by Matthew Dante

Skyler (Sky) Teagan
28, damaged, burlesque dancer… that is when I’m not breaking into people’s houses or knocking them unconscious at dinner parties.

I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m damaged. I have issues. I have a lot of pent-up anger and hostility, especially when it comes to bullies or guys who try and exert their dominance over me. Take this guy Patrick for instance. Yes, he may be a scary Irish thug with an eight-pack and muscles the size of my head, but I’m the expert gymnast who knocked him unconscious and left him tied naked to his bed.

Patrick O'Maley
31, Irish, professional torturer… well, I prefer “Information Extractor”, sounds less brutish and medieval.

Hey, it’s not my fault! When a child grows up knowing only pain and betrayal, can you really blame him when he grows up to become a monster? I like pain. I’m good at making people scream. Those unlucky enough to join me in my playroom, quickly discover that there are only two ways their visit will end; one with the loss of blood and broken bones, the other with the loss of their life.

But when a secret I’ve kept hidden all these years, brings me to the City of Sin, I can’t help but face my greatest challenge; a feisty little burlesque dancer wearing a sexy mesh top and tight leather pants. Oh, don’t be fooled. Under that silky smooth skin and gorgeous blue eyes, lives a dangerous and vengeful predator. One just as damaged as me, and just as sexy.

This is a MM thriller/dark romance filled with plenty of heat, steam, violence, and mayhem.

Reviews:emmaloureads on Goodreads wrote:

What a beautiful book. This is definitely my favourite of the Rough Edges series for many reasons.

Matthew’s writing in this was flawless, he merged alpha extremes with vulnerability and sweetness perfectly.

I loved Patrick from the first book and I was actually surprised in how much depth you get from him in this, he is an open book with a lot to tell.

Then there is Skyler who shocked me the most, I didn’t expect to fall so hard for Sky, he is a complex man with so many barriers and fears, but at the same time is this strikingly sexy and clever minx who will not let anyone bring him down.

Together this couple were absolute perfection. Skyler’s character is so unique and it was needed to ground someone like Patrick and make the character more “real”, as not just anyone could lockdown our hot as hell Paddy.

The plot was great and while there was a lot of story to this, it felt like a super chill read. It just worked so well. I felt all the emotion from humour to actually getting a bit emotional at one scene in particular. The steam as well was top level, not a surprise though with these 2 animals 😂

This series is just amazing and I highly recommend. Each book is so different, the characters are a family but they feel so individual.

About the Author

As a newly published Author, I look forward to creating stories that take people on a magical journey; one filled with love, suspense, and intrigue. I am an avid reader of fantasy, horror, suspense, and romance novels, and enjoy developing stories for these genres. I also enjoy traveling the world when I am not writing.

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