by Matthew Dante

Book Cover: Avenging Des

Des (The Destroyer)

29, strong-willed, on the run from a gangster who wants me dead. Oh yeah, and I’m secretly in love with my best friend.

Love. What a pain. Why is it that some people are blessed with all the good looks and charisma, while the rest of us mere mortals must work hard to even be noticed? Take my best friend Cillian, for example. The guy is a walking wet dream and has a personality that can charm the pants off a cobra. Is it any wonder I’ve secretly had feelings for the guy since we were kids? What can I say? He’s always been there for me. My guardian, my protector… and the one place I’ve always felt safe. That’s what I need right now. A place where I can hide and figure out what to do about the man who wants me dead.

Cillian Fitzpatrick

29, Irish, professional barback… well, as professional as you can get. It’s not like you need a certificate or anything. Oh yeah, and apparently, I’m a so-called manwhore.

All right, I get it. I’m a good-looking guy, and I enjoy the company of women… lots of women. Okay, perhaps a few too many women. But it’s just because I haven’t found the right one – that special someone you can’t bear to be without. You know, that one person you would battle a thousand demons to protect. Kind of like the way I feel about my best friend, Des. He and I have been through a lot together. There are no lengths I wouldn’t go to keep my buddy safe. So naturally, when I discover that some guy is trying to kill him, I take matters into my own hands… with the help of my crew, of course.
This is a MM thriller/dark romance filled with plenty of heat, steam, violence, and mayhem.

Reviews:Emma Ough on Goodreads wrote:

Ahh u just love this whole crew!!! I love the books, I love the crime, I love the found family!!

In this book we see Cillian who left Ireland 4 years ago and ended up as a barback in the O’Brian club, he’s become part of the team but he still feels a bit on the outside not quite sure where he fits in.
One day his best friend Des from home turns up needing somewhere to stay, they’ve not seen each other in 4 years and spend time catching up. But somewhere along the lines Cillian catches feelings, he’s not sure where they have come from and why they have come out now, but one thing he for sure Des is his and he will do everything in his power to make it known!

I love the possessiveness of these men!! I absolutely love when I get to see all my men in one place, supporting each other, I could live off this series!! I love violence, the Irish and Italian brutes that will rip you apart of you so much as breath in their partners direction the wrong way! But I also loved the banter in this book! I was laughing so much at some of these lines they were chucking at each other!!!

I love that Matthew was going to possibly finish with book 3 but we all loved the series so much that we got a book 4!!! He knows what we want and he didn’t disappoint us!!


Book content-

☘️Friends to lovers
☘️Found family
☘️Organised crime
☘️All the hot Irish men

About the Author

As a newly published Author, I look forward to creating stories that take people on a magical journey; one filled with love, suspense, and intrigue. I am an avid reader of fantasy, horror, suspense, and romance novels, and enjoy developing stories for these genres. I also enjoy traveling the world when I am not writing.

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