by Blake Allwood

Book Cover: Love's Bequest
Part of the Big Bend Series series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99
ISBN: B0957YJ9N6
Pages: 286

Steve sees ghosts, Eric feels lost. Will their love be enough to save them?

Eric couldn’t be happier that his friends have found love, but he feels left out. Distracting himself with a hike in nearby Big Bend National Park, Eric meets Steve, a well-known anthropologist.

The chemistry between the two is electric as they begin an intense affair. Little does Eric know; Steve is harboring a dark secret. Steve is clairvoyant and the spirits are telling him Eric’s life is in danger.

This ‘hurt to comfort’ story shows how the pair must work together to unravel the mystery surrounding the ghosts of the three brothers who appear with ominous warnings of an evil closing in.

Can Eric and Steve overcome their own past and trust each other enough to save themselves and the people they love?

About the Author

Blake Allwood is a gay/demisexual man who was born in west TN, then moved to Kansas City MO after attending college in the midwest. He met his husband in 1995 and they officially married in 2015, once gay marriage was legalized. In 2017, he and his husband sold their home, purchased an RV and began traveling the country with their two dogs. Their travels provide the inspiration and settings for many of his novels.

Typically, Blake can be found relaxing in the RV or by the fire with his laptop and their Jack Russell Terrier, Buddy, curled up between his legs demanding attention. Denver, their Siberian Husky mix is often asleep at his feet or playing tug of war with Blake's husband.

Aiden Inspired (Apr 2019) is his first published novel, featuring two disparate characters from New York and Washington State who meet and develop an unlikely bond. His second novel, Suzie Empowered (Feb 2020), is a followup featuring Aiden's sister Suzie as she overcomes her fear of relationships with straight men due to a sexual assault in high school. In March, Blake returned to gay romance with his release of Bobby Transformed about an Iowa farm boy and a big city publisher. His first three novels share characters and can be read in order or randomly.

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