(a Kinky Furrytale)

by Nick Christie

Book Cover: Blondilocks
Editions:Kindle: £ 1.99
ISBN: B08R413B4X

BLONDILOCKS by Nick Christie
Gay Erotic Fiction - Not for the easily offended - a Kinky Furrytale.

Blondilocks is my 'Nick Christie' take on a a well loved fairytale. If you have read any of my previous books, this is definitely not suitable for children in the slightest.
A modern day short furrytale for those of the gay hardcore leather persuasion.
Are you sitting comfortably, then we shall begin....


About the Author

Nick Christie is a British novelist who loves to explore his interest and passions in his books.  Reasonably new to writing, Nick started as a hobby and very quickly began to enjoy the creativity and exploring the relationships with his characters.  Many of his books detail his love of leather and how it is enjoyed in gay life.  The stories have strong sex scenes but are balanced with storytelling.

Nick lives in central England with his husband and two cats. Having travelled the world through his previous jobs in marketing, Nick likes to bring different locations to his books to increase their reality and interest.


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