Book Cover: Lutterworth House
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Pages: 470
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Pages: 470
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Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 470

Lutterworth House by Nick Christie

“It’s the Spring of 1979 in London, Great Britain.  Having just gone through the ‘Winter of Discontent,’ the nation and politics are at breaking point.  Strikes and unemployment are a real problem.  London, however, is still vibrant, throbbing with an abundance of interesting people.  Punk has nearly killed disco, the new romantic music scene is just starting to emerge from the ashes, along with a new woman leader of the Conservative Party and a General Election looming.  Great Britain is on the brink of a new dawn, for better or worse.

Lutterworth House, situated in Primrose Hill, North London, is a tired, three-storey Georgian house, home to a mix of freaks and creatures from London’s straight and gay scene, each bringing their own story to the building.   

Innocent young gay lad, Neil Richards, an accountancy student, is arriving to take a ground floor bedsit.  How is he going to get along with the other residents of Lutterworth House?  All he knew was that he was leaving home, horny and desperate for new adventures.

Fortunately, he’d moved to just the right address.”