by Shea Balik

Book Cover: The Collared Pup
Part of the Cedar Falls series:
Pages: 141

Ethan Chapman came to Cedar Falls beaten and abused by his own brother only to find an even more dominant man that made his heart race. But when he found out just how dominant the man was, Ethan had to decide if he was willing to take a chance on love.

Bram O’Connor was a dominant man, one who loved to control his lovers. Since the first moment their eyes met, Bram knew Ethan was the perfect submissive for him, even if the man didn’t know it. After all Ethan had been through, Bram would have to be patient if he hoped to make Ethan his.

Ethan desperately fought against his need to obey Bram’s commands. For how could Ethan ever hope to earn Bram’s love if he couldn’t stand up on his own two feet?

This is a second edition that has revised, re-edited and has an added 10,000 words of NEW CONTENT.


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