by C.J. Dragon

Book Cover: Raphael's Rescue
Part of the Archangel Series series:

In an infinity of starlight, through anguish and betrayal, can love still shine?

Raphael Lewis of the Mars Colony wanted nothing more than to fly his ship, Agatha, and to remain with his family.

Lord Teo of the Chi’NoSa had other ideas.

On a routine trip to the asteroid belt, Raphael and Agatha are injured by a Chi’NoSa ship. After healing, he is held prisoner by the Chi’NoSa Lord Teo. Unsure what is wanted from him, and unfamiliar with Chi’NoSa protocol, Raphael only wishes to return home.

Lord Teo’s curiosity about the Mars colonist he inadvertently injured is a new emotion for him. So are the inappropriate lust and confusion. When his temper gets the best of him, he finds he needs Raphael’s forgiveness so he may learn why this man evokes such feelings in him.

Through misunderstanding and politics, Raphael and Teo must learn how to bring together two such disparate species, all while navigating their own love story. Will the Chi’NoSa ever accept Raphael as Teo’s? Or will their love be destroyed in a supernova?

PLEASE NOTE: On page whipping, noncon/dubcon, aliens with questionable ethics, and man-on-alien love. If these are triggers for you, please choose another wonderful book!

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