by C.J. Dragon

Book Cover: Raphael's Redemption
Part of the Archangel Series series:

From Captive to Consort and Chosen.

Lord Teo’s love holds Raphael Lewis of the Mars Colony firmly, giving him everything he’s ever wanted – love, commitment, fidelity.

Agreeing to convince the inhabitants of Ta’Kun to accept a compromise from the Chi’NoSa, Raphael is ready to do what he must to heal Ta’Kun, save the Ta’kunisi from destruction, and Lord Teo from disgrace.

He did not know he would be repudiated, left defenseless and alone, only to be betrayed for being who he is and what he can give.

Raphael’s life is held in the balance between love and loss.

Will Teo save Raphael, or will their love become a sacrifice to the Chi’NoSa?

Please note: On page violence and sexual situations. This is an ongoing series focused on one couple. You need to read Raphael's Rescue to be in the know!

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