Book Cover: Doublecrossed
Editions:Paperback - POD: $ 18.50
ISBN: 978-195421-3227
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 240

Ever dream of finding the perfect lover? When Alexandra Wyatt meets Marnie Hardwick, Alex is thrilled to end her solitary, unhappy existence. After several blissful months, the two women buy a house set deep in a dense pine forest. However, the landscape soon dissolves from idyllic to disturbing as Alex begins to suspect the relationship is an illusory trap. Fueled by jealousy, anger, and curiosity, Alex rushes into a bizarre intersection of past and present that holds treacherous consequences.

A suspenseful tale of desire, deception, betrayal, and smoldering revenge that sparks a complex plot to achieve retribution. At once a strange love story and a cascading nightmare, written in the tradition of Patricia Highsmith, the novel entangles the reader in a web of danger and psychological intrigue.


Reviews:Women Using Words wrote:

“Egan quickly establishes her strength as writer in this edge-of-your seat page-turner. She sneakily lulls readers into an insta-romance, making them think everything is going to be all flowers and steamy sex. Just when they are all slumped back in their seats and feeling comfortable, Egan stomps on the gas. The thrill ride is filled with twists, turns and roller-coaster drops, making the reading experience nothing short of captivating. When the narrative quickly picks up speed and goes from simple to complex, readers can’t look away. They have no choice but to turn pages late into the night.”

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