N.J. Lysk (pronouns: whatever) is a queer one—in almost every sense of the word—for whom stories have always been their one true home. She studied linguistics and literature (which is to say, someone offered him a genuine excuse to read professionally) and ended up teaching, but writing is their one true love.

Addicted to angst, enamoured of mpreg and always ready to try a new kink (in a book, that’s it!) she became hooked into the omegaverse through fanfic (but he doesn’t have the patience to write other people’s characters) and has recently expanded from werewolves to hockey players.

If your heart veers towards the dark, look for the N.Y. Lysk instead & subscribe to the Dark & Taboo list (these books all come with serious warnings!).

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Email Address: njlysk@gmail.com

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