by Frances Regan

Book Cover: When I Came Home
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Pages: 200
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ISBN: B0991J4SV1
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Pages: 198

During the summer of 2072, the British Army deployed two teams to Afghanistan to rescue and bring home four scientists. IED explosions rip apart the mission, at the entry to the old Bagram Airfield.

Indi Hyde, ex-Sergeant of the British Army's elite special forces team SF2/SAS lives as a double amputee with C-PTSD. Carrying a strong sense of survivor's guilt, Indi returns to Blue Hyde Horse breeding Ranch to heal. His life has become one long battle of depression and disability, a chance meeting with a couple of Americans changes his outlook on life, can he finally have everything he ever dreamed of and more.

Equine Geneticist Dr Jason (Jase) Wade moved to the United Kingdom in search of the only Stallion that carries the gene that produces colour. The elusive gene is known to be in the Blue Hyde stallion Featherlight.

The stallion’s owner is grumpy and a chance meeting with him turns an eight-year-long search into something more, can Jase convince Indi to take a chance.

Dr Leo Calvert is an autistic equine veterinary specialist. Living on the spectrum hasn't been easy for Leo, he feels deeply for his best friend Jase, who is obsessed with finding Indi Hyde. Meltdowns are commonplace in their lives. Leo loving Jase isn't enough, a meeting with Indi Hyde, and Leo loses his heart to both men. Can they be convinced to give this special connection a chance?

Indi's past comes back in the shape of his ex-Commander, searching for his team. Turning their lives upside down.

When I came home is an MMM Romance.

Triggers are in the front of When I Came Home. They are C-PTSD, depression, and scenes of autistic meltdowns. Each character is helped through their episodes with the help of a lover or friend.

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