by Samuel Alexander

If you are reading this, then it is already too late. You’ve been drawn in... to a world filled with things you can’t escape. Darkness, evil, treachery and betrayals of the worst kind lay within these pages. I’d tell you to put the book down, run while you are still safe, your mind unscathed, your world unshattered... but it would be futile. You want to know what happens—the depths of depravity and destruction which one man\'s world could hold.

Just what, exactly, happened to him?

I know you want to find out. If I were you the intrigue would suck me in too, but know this: There is no turning back. Once the shadows inside these pages consume you—well, even I dare not say... If there is even one ounce of willpower in you, consider for a second not taking this journey; don’t swim in the black cave that is my mind—don’t… I’m wasting my time. Now, I know you feel you must enter. It would be a crime not to. But if you do, remember I did warn you—but you didn’t listen.

This book contains themes of mental and sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and possibly other triggering topics. It is intended for adult audiences. If these things make you uncomfortable or will cause you trauma in any way this story is not safe for you.


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