by Mark McNease

Book Cover: Triple Threat: 3 Marshall James Thrillers
Part of the Marshall James Thrillers series:
Three times the danger: In this three-book collection, the Marshall James Thrillers come to life in one volume. Murder at the Paisley Parrot, Beautiful Corpse, and Final Audition bring Marshall and his story full circle, from the murders he'd been involved in against his better judgement back in 1980s Los Angeles, to his present life in New York City and how the past has never really left him. He longs to find the love of his life, LAPD homicide detective Mac McElroy, and inevitably begins to search for him. But searching means returning to a life he'd left behind, a life of drinking, bars, madness and murder. Read about them all and see where Marshall's journey takes him through these three stories ... and if you think he's finished when the last words are spoken, think again. Triple Threat will leave you wanting more.

About the Author

Mark McNease has been writing since childhood, with stretches in the theater (as a playwright), literary fiction, gay mysteries and thrillers, mainstream mysteries, and children's television. He has won two Emmys for the children's TV show Into the Outdoors. He is the publisher and editor for, a website for LGBTQ people over 50 now in its eleventh year. He's also a podcaster who has been at it for over a decade. After 25 years in New York City, he and his husband Frank Murray moved to their home in rural New Jersey where they share their lives with cats Peanut and Wilma.

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