These Young Wolves

The Knights of Blackrabbit

by Glenn Quigley

Glenn Quigley These Young Wolves The Knights of Blackrabbit book #1 A man in a tricorne walking along a cobblestone road with buildings on either side
Part of the The Knights of Blackrabbit series:
  • These Young Wolves

One year ago, Vince Knight walked away from his role as crime lord of Port Knot. In his absence, the gangs he founded went to war, and frightening new factions have risen from the ashes to tear at the town’s throat like hungry wolves.

Now Vince is back and has taken command of the Watch—working side-by-side with the very people who spent years trying to put him behind bars. Unbeknownst to him, Captain James Godgrave has been given his own team to deal with crime in the town, but while he and Vince share a common goal, they are not allies.

The murder of one of James’s crew puts Vince in a delicate position. Facing pressure from the council, the townsfolk, and the Watch itself, Vince must find the killer because if he doesn’t, James will, and Vince’s tenure as Watch Commander will be the shortest in history.

As Vince and James clash in their public and private lives, Vince starts to understand the damage caused by his abdication as crime lord, James sets about putting down the gangs once and for all, and the mysterious power behind the new factions exacts a terrifying plan that will change Port Knot forever.

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The Knights of Blackrabbit series is a spin-off from The Moth and Moon trilogy. You don't need to have read that trilogy to follow this story. My intention for The Knights of Blackrabbit is to have an ongoing series of novels set in this world, with each novel providing a complete story.

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