by Samuel York

Book Cover: Texas Twist
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
ISBN: B09H4N2Y59
Pages: 181

Turned upside down, life at Crazy Hills becomes crazier.

Misbehaving cowboys and wild times invade the ranch. Erick McTavish is gobsmacked when he meets sexy Sterling White. Too bad Sterling doesn’t seem to return his feelings.

Determined to remain straight, Sterling hates the walking, talking temptation that is Erick. Yet, he can’t seem to stop his desire to experience his first kiss with a man.

The tattered remains of Sterling’s denial are stripped away when fate steps in and wickedly hot passion ignites between the pair, leaving Sterling unable to imagine a life without Erick.

Meanwhile, the bonds of friendship between Gresh, Connor, Lane, and Riley are tested when dark desire leads them down a dangerous path, twisting their relationship to the max, leaving all four men wondering if any relationship is possible after betrayal.

*This book was published under a different author name.


About the Author

Samuel York writes MM romance. Get lost in a Samuel York book.

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