by Samuel York

Book Cover: Texas Hard
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
Pages: 185

Coming to terms with attraction means submitting to fears.

Spurned by his heart’s desire, Riley is aching for a fight, and he finds one with Connor, a sexy Texas lawman. Desire fires between them, but Riley walks away, ignoring the burning lust.

Weeks later, he’s caught trespassing on Connor’s new property—Naked!

Connor is tempted to arrest the daring naked man in his watering hole until he realizes it’s Riley. Lust and passion twist inside Connor, making him divulge one of his deepest secrets.

Riley’s hidden truths come between them, threatening to end everything.

Then there’s the Lane factor. Riley swears it’s over, but Lane may ruin everything for Connor.

*Texas Hard was previously published under a different author name.


About the Author

Samuel York writes MM romance. Get lost in a Samuel York book.

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