An MM Age Play Romance

by Anna Sparrows

On the surface, Theodore (Ted) Masters has it all. He’s a Senior Partner at his law firm, has a circle of tight-knit friends, and lives a lifestyle most people can only dream of. Unbeknownst to those around him, though, Ted has a painful past preventing him from truly settling down with anyone.

Meanwhile, Zephyr Cruze’s career as a professional dancer crashed and burned due to an untimely injury. Starting over in a new city, he’s determined to make the best of every opportunity that comes his way, including the silver fox he meets at a new friend’s wedding. The silver fox who also happens to be a Daddy. A Daddy who says he’s okay with Zephyr’s preference towards feminization and princess play, at that!

But will Ted’s secrets and tragic history prove to be too much for them to handle when it all comes spilling out? Or will Ted find the courage to finally let others in?

CW: While this is a low-to-mild angst (no miscommunication!), sweet & cute, instant-attraction romance, this book does contain discussion of child loss, homophobia, parental pressure, and anxiety. This book is an MM Age Play/Age Regression romance between consenting adults, including a significant age gap, and includes feminization/femme play/princess play. This book contains elements that are suitable for ages 18 and over.


About the Author

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I started with silly short stories as a kid, moved on to fanfiction in my teens (and still write it now), and am a published romance author (under a different pen name).

When I discovered Age Play romances -by complete accident- I was enthralled. I fell in love with these stories of cute, sweet Littles and their hot AF Daddies. And, when I found I’d devoured everything that ticked my personal boxes, I decided that I needed to start writing my own. And, when I got serious about it, I really wanted to create a pen name that is specific to this niche genre…only then that started to change into MM romance in all of its wonderful forms.

And thus, Anna Sparrows was born.

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