by Shane K Morton

Book Cover: Something Borrowed Something Boo
Part of the Point Pleasant Holiday series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
Pages: 166

Halloween? Check.
Halloween Wedding? Double check.
Falling in love unexpectedly at the Halloween wedding? Totally Inconvenient!

Danny: I'm trying to decide how I got roped into not only being the best man at my ex's wedding, but also planning the damn thing with the other best man. He's a famous actor. He's too hot. He's too nice. He's also a major pain in my ass. As we work together to make this wedding the most beautiful event ever, I realize if Blake Hudson wasn't so annoying, I'd kiss him. Well, maybe more than kiss. I might be a little in love, but it's too inconvenient. Damn. Burying my feelings until the wedding is over is making me angsty.

Blake: How the hell can you fall in love in less than a week? I never did like doing things the easy way. I've learned to be careful and cautious living hidden in Hollywood all these years, but for Danny I'd throw caution to the wind. Well, I'll have to get him to like me first. While we plan my brother's wedding in the small town of Point Pleasant, I feel more like myself than I have in a long time. I'll use this time to make this beautiful man see the real me, and maybe he'll believe how serious I am about leaving my borrowed life behind and finding something real with him.

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Shane lives with his husband of 20 years in Studio City, California. They have two fur babies and watch a lot of films. When not writing, Shane can ve found at a film festival or in a dark dive bar performing cabaret.

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