by Franco De Rocco

Editions:Paperback - First Edition
ISBN: 9781954604100
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 328
Kindle - First Edition
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 328



Immerse yourself in the alluring realm of Rise of the Queer Vampires, a fresh take on gay erotic fiction.

The narrative centers around Antonio De Luca, an Italian youth grappling with his sexual orientation amidst the strict moral codes of his Catholic upbringing. His search for temporary comfort leads him to anonymous sexual encounters, providing fleeting moments of liberation.

However, Antonio’s life veers off its usual course one fateful evening when he crosses paths with a mysterious stranger who transforms him into a vampire. This sudden and dramatic change propels Antonio on a heart-stopping journey filled with danger, self-discovery, and an unquenchable thirst—for blood and love.

Rise of the Queer Vampires weaves together sensuality, danger, and suspense, crafting a tale that is as titillating as it is thrilling. Each page is brimming with erotic energy that will ignite your imagination and bring your fantasies to life. ©️


The figure before me was a grotesque caricature of the man who had once been my father. His familiar features were now warped and distorted, rendering him unrecognizable. He started moving toward me, slithering in a way that was far from human. The sight of his unnatural movement sent a bone-chilling shiver down my spine.

I stood rooted to the floor, frozen by pure, undiluted fear. I could not move, scream, or do anything other than watch the horror unfold before my eyes. The scene before me was like something straight out of a horror film — my father had transformed into an abomination, a monstrous creature.

I couldn’t help but feel a pang of guilt, knowing that his transformation into this hideous creature directly resulted from my actions. I had failed to produce sufficient sperm, leading to an incomplete process that resulted in this nightmare.


The room was filled with his anguished cries, each ricocheting off the walls and reverberating in my ears. The bright, unrelenting fluorescent lights exposed his terrifying figure in vivid detail. His back and legs, twisted and warped, blatantly defied the laws of human anatomy. Grotesque angles bent his body, churning my stomach with disgust.

“Help me!” he screamed, his voice filled with desperation and pain.

His demand was clear — he required more to complete the transformation and reverse the horrifying effects he was undergoing.

A sudden realization washed over me — standing idle was no longer an option. I needed to save my father and reverse his monstrous transformation. ©️


About the Author

Emerging from the Pacific Northwest, Franco De Rocco is a renowned writer and painter who has captivated an international audience with his adeptness at weaving intricate and engaging narratives, earning him a wealth of commendations. Franco’s artistic prowess enriches his writing, providing a distinctive visual dimension. In addition to his creative endeavors, he is a dedicated family man, embracing his roles as a husband and stepfather to his two remarkable sons. His family is made complete by two cherished golden retrievers who hold a special place in his heart.

Travel holds a central place in Franco’s life. He relishes the adventure of discovering new locales with his family. He fully engages with diverse cultures on these expeditions, crafting lasting memories and experiences.

Above all, Franco is passionate about using his art and writing to make a positive difference in the world. He firmly believes that every day offers a chance to make an impact and live life to the fullest.