by N.J. Lysk

a profile of a male torso with a hand over the belly and the moon under the hand. TItle: Omega for the Pack

Five alphas.
One omega.
The fate of their pack is in their hands.
But what about the fate of their hearts?

When Ray presents as an omega instead of an alpha, his life changes forever. As a male omega, he's expected to mate with a select group of alphas and start a pack of his own.

The five men selected for him are as different as they are keen. And one of them is his best friend, Josh, who Ray was sure could never return his feelings. But now they all must deal with the mating instinct that the power of the Moon brings out in them; and after that... Ray will have bigger problems than a crush.

Can Ray become the submissive omega his pack needs him to be? Will the alphas understand how hard it is for him, or demand more than he can give?

If you enjoy dark romance, you'll love N.J. Lysk's “Omega for the Pack”.

Group sex, mating instincts, knotting, biting, breeding, and a healthy dose of angst!


By the time they made it to the clearing, Gabriel and Alec had scouted the territory that was to become theirs; Ray'd gone from overheated to feverish and not even the chilly night was enough to cool him down. Josh had hold of his arm and Ray was leaning on him more than he'd have liked to admit—more for the contact than the support. He was hard in his jeans and dizzy with it. His mind was foggy too, drunk on hormones.


And the alphas around him weren’t any better: Nobody except Josh was touching him yet, but they didn’t need to for Ray to smell how impatient and eager they were. Their scent made Ray even more desperate for it. He didn't care that Sergi was a bit of a prick, or that he had known Alec for less than half a day, or that Gabriel had probably sung nursery rhymes to him once upon a time. He'd have probably slept with Iesu and Josh before if they'd asked, but he wouldn't have let them lay him down on a blanket like they were doing. He wouldn't have lain there, eyes closed and muscles unwound, as their hands got to his clothes, unlacing and unbuttoning, lifting his hips and making him sit up to pull his shirt off. He wouldn't have nuzzled their hands, trying to keep them touching him because their touch was the only thing that relieved the unbearable heat of his skin.

His knees were lifted and his hole exposed. He was dripping slick already, his body desperate for it. He felt something even hotter nudge between his legs at the place where he felt so empty. Then the cock was going into him, opening him up, slow but still feeling too big for that small space in Ray’s body. Ray’s hips twisted of their own accord, trying to adjust, but the alpha didn’t stop. He didn’t slam into Ray, just move slow and steady as if he knew it was the right thing to do until finally Ray felt his pubic hair rubbing ticklishly against his exposed balls.

He opened his eyes. It was Gabriel. He smiled approvingly and hooked Ray's legs over his own shoulders. "There you go, sweetheart, you're being so good."

Ray blinked heavily at him, unable to process, and Gabriel pulled out and moved back into him. He was huge and it felt like he was dragging Ray's insides with him when he withdrew—inside him, though, the wolf howled with joy. And he was hard, his cock red and dripping against his own stomach, twitching with each speeding thrust. He didn’t know when it went from painful to uncomfortable and from uncomfortable to good. But then it became too much, and Gabriel was hitting just the right angle to set Ray’s insides alight. Ray wanted to touch himself, but his hands wouldn't move where they lay on the thin blanket, fingertips so sensitive he could feel the grass underneath. All he could do was cry out as his cousin rammed into him and set the reaction off again, too much and never enough. He wanted… No, he needed— He glanced around, seeking...

The others were all watching, two on each side, all of them with visible bulges in their trousers, and Ray could smell them. Smell how much they wanted him, what they would do to him. Gabriel rocked him with an especially powerful thrust of his hips and Ray whined low in his throat, not sure if it hurt because his cousin had broken something in him or because his release was so near and yet he couldn't reach it. Then Gabriel was leaning forward and taking hold of Ray's hair, pulling his head to the side to expose his throat and setting his sharp teeth deep into Ray's skin. The cock inside Ray pulsed and Gabriel was coming, wet and slick into Ray's already slick hole. And just like that, Ray seemed to be free to orgasm himself. It hit him like a freight train, vision exploding with light as his whole body sang with it.

When he was conscious of his body again, it was because his arse was getting fuller still. Gabriel hadn't pulled out and now he was knotting—the head of his cock expanding to keep his seed from leaving the deeper passages of Ray's body. Knotting wasn't necessary but it ensured conception. It also hurt. He tossed his head, whining, unable to find the words to complain. Gabriel rubbed his face, soothing him with whispered endearments when Ray just needed him to pull out. But he couldn't, and he didn't.

When Gabriel did withdraw, the pressure eased as come dripped out of Ray’s hole. The relief was so intense that Ray went easily when he was guided to his hands and knees, arms and legs shaking with the effort of not falling down face-first. Not all of it had had time to come out when they filled him again. He didn't know if it was bigger or he was just sore, but he shivered, involuntarily clenching against the invasion. Then there were arms holding him close against the body on top of him and next to his ear a familiar voice was whispering. "Shh, it's okay, Ray. I got you now. I'm sorry I couldn't go first," Josh was saying.

Ray froze with the knowledge: Josh was inside him.

He struggled a little more—not with Josh, who he could have shaken, but with his wolf, who was in control during heat—and Josh's hold tightened.

"Does it hurt?" he whispered and he sounded like he was in pain himself. Ray closed his eyes, giving in, and his wolf surged to the surface, stronger during the full moon than it ever was when Ray was in human shape. His hips wiggled under Josh, around Josh, clenching now with intent because the wolf wanted to be mounted. No, it needed it. Josh let out a choked sound above him and his hips snapped a quick thrust in response. He moaned Ray's name, sounding broken. "Ray, I can't... I need..." He was almost sobbing as he fucked into Ray's body, faster and harder as the heat took hold of him, as instinct led him to fulfil his deepest desires and take the omega that was his.

Later, all Ray remembered the second knotting hadn't hurt as much as the first, and he Josh's gentle hands as he laid him on his back afterwards and took his mouth into a soft kiss Ray didn't have the energy to return. He thought it'd been Sergi next, but he wasn't sure. He let his eyes fall closed even as his legs were lifted once again and then there was the newly familiar feeling of being penetrated, now through the seed of two alphas as well as his own juices. It went in easy, and then it went in again. At some point, he found he wasn't on his back anymore but had his face pressed against the blanket instead—it smelled of sweat and come now, not grass—and his arse was in the air, another cock moving rhythmically inside him. The discomfort of knottings was a vague recollection, the bites nothing but a sting in his hazy state. He closed his eyes as one alpha after another came and used him, again and again as if they’d never be sated.


About the Author

N.J. Lysk (pronouns: whatever) is a queer one—in almost every sense of the word—for whom stories have always been their one true home. She studied linguistics and literature (which is to say, someone offered him a genuine excuse to read professionally) and ended up teaching, but writing is their one true love.

Addicted to angst, enamoured of mpreg and always ready to try a new kink (in a book, that’s it!) she became hooked into the omegaverse through fanfic (but he doesn’t have the patience to write other people’s characters) and has recently expanded from werewolves to hockey players.

If your heart veers towards the dark, look for the N.Y. Lysk instead & subscribe to the Dark & Taboo list (these books all come with serious warnings!).

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