by Frances Regan

Book Cover: Not Safe at Home
Editions:ePub - First

Not Safe at Home.

Ex SAS reserve, S.Sgt. Rex Brown has worked undercover contracting since his early retirement from Special forces active reserves, after the incident that broke up their team in Afghanistan. Returning to Blue Hyde at the behest of Capt. Richardson in a bid to aid with the last known location of ex-lover and teammate MN1 reserve Sgt Ryan Combe.

Ryan has been missing for two years, he is dying; his body is shutting down—Ryan's nights are filled with memories of only one man. The only man who made him feel safe and loved. During these times, his brother Michael calls from beyond the grave, hold on, help is coming. But the days are dark, and nights longer as his life is being snuffed out.

Hope flares to life with the notice that Ryan still has his SF chip. Only high-level clearance can be given to activate it, with that in mind Marc Johnston ex SF seeks Presidential help, or will the activation be too late?


Trigger warnings: on-page non-con, in an abuse setting. Ptsd attacks and actual tears may come while reading Ryan's story. Hankies needed.

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Immediately he knew something was wrong, looking down at his broken body in the sand. There was so much blood around him, and something was pinning Ryan down, yet he was standing. What the fuck? Okay, what foot?

Ryan spun around, bits of his friends and teammates lay strewn across the road, a leg lay near him, the boot still attached. Fuck.

Brady had shoved him back as the IED exploded. Completely covering Ryan with his own body. Ryan shoved him off just after the second explosion. Fuck Brady and his sixth sense. Brady now lay around two meters away with a bloody hole in his chest. Thank god he was still in one piece to take home. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Ryan glanced across the road. Brady sat in the dirt. Pedro lay across his lap, his head in his arms, kissing him. Brady glanced up, his face impassive. Ryan could hear his words despite the distance between them.


“Hold on, babe, help is coming,” Brady pulled a strap from his own uniform wrapping it around Pedro’s arm. He’d be lucky if he didn't bleed out before help could get to him. Ryan turned away. Leaving his body, Ryan moved just a little way.


Reviews:Fay Kennedy on MM Bookworm review wrote:

My Review…💞 Lots of emotions to feel with this book and another great book for this series. This is Ryan and Rex's story as they find each other once again.
The storyline includes some of the past with new scenes and then forwards to 2076.
Ryan was the baby of the team and barely surviving the bomb explosion.
Ryan had some bad years after the explosion yah poor Ryan, I had to bring out the tissues. Seeing Ryan smile when he sees Rex in scenes warns the heart but they lose touch again.
A past relationship between them has baggage which they still have to sort through if there to move forward.
But when Ryan goes missing its all hands on deck to find him asap, a huge understatement as he's in huge danger.
There's a lot of healing for the both as scenes play out. A beautiful ending for Ryan and Rex as they get there second chance at happiness. But it's not easy for either of them and The Blue Hyde Ranch is definitely growing in size.
Take heed of the trigger warnings. Some scenes are hard to read even for me and includes being captive and badly abused. A HEA for the series to continue. This series is best read in order to get the full story of each character and the team as a unit.

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