M/M Enemies to Lovers

by Nero Seal

Love of the Egoist by Nero Seal
Part of the Egoist series:
  • Love of the Egoist
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
Pages: 215
Paperback: $ 12.99
ISBN: 979-8587608481
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 199

“I wanted to play with you… punish you. But now, I want to ruin your world and turn it pitch black. Isolate you, so you have nothing left except me. And remember, it’s your own fault.” 

This is the personal living hell of police detective, Kuon Leiris. His punishment for ruining the Black Duke’s deal. But when night falls, it gets worse…
Cruelty. Affection. Madness. Obsession. Constant mind games where he can do nothing but give in. Yugo pours his every corrupt desire into his prey, testing the limits of their capture-bonding relationship.
Do you dare enter a dark world where safe words don’t exist?

Not a standalone.

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“No, w-wait… you can’t be serious?” Sweat broke out all over Kuon’s body. His fingers shook, so he grabbed the chain to stop the tremor. The determination to face his fate like a man vanished. The thought of what Yugo intended to do ricocheted in his head, piercing his brain, letting his fear out. “I had to do it. Why can’t you understand?”

“I do understand…” Yugo assured, his tone sincere. “And now I have to punish you. When a slave escapes, he has to be punished. Otherwise, he could run again. Do you know how runaway slaves used to be punished?”

His voice rang with ice, but Kuon didn’t reply. Realization dawned on him. It didn’t matter what he said, what he did—nothing would change even if he begged for forgiveness. Five days had passed. Yugo’s anger should have cooled down. This was a considered, planned revenge—vicious, cold-headed, measured.

What did I expect?


Kuon felt like an idiot for hoping that Yugo would understand him. Simple as that—this was the way to show Kuon his place, to rub his nose in his own insignificance, crush the remains of his pride.

I’m just a toy to him, nothing more.

“They got whipped,” Yugo hissed, and the whip shot up in the air only to be cracked down on the bare skin of the prisoner.

Kuon jolted. Pain seared the skin between his shoulder blades, pushing a burst of air out of his lips. His mouth fell open, releasing short, shallow breaths. The chains clanged against the bed as he tried to accommodate the incandescent pain.


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About the Author

Journalist, poker player, casino events manager, designer, and SEO specialist, Nero Seal tried it all before committing to the idea of being an M/M fiction writer. Living in one of the most homophobic countries in the world, he has a lot to say. Being an avid traveler, he creates his imaginary worlds on the places he’s been and the people he’s met.

Characters always talk in his head, forcing him to write their stories, using his 49 kinks as the ultimate weapon of allure. When the voices in his head aren’t slaving him around, he is drawing, hiking, and procrastinating important things in favor of momentary gratification.