by Lila Gwynn

Kissed the Mark by Lila Gwynn
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ISBN: 979-8-9853385-0-8

A fairy bounty hunter stumbles into a vampire conspiracy and gets more than she bargained for…

Olympia Carter is the fourth-best bounty hunter in the supernatural town of Mayfair, Missouri, which isn’t exactly an accomplishment she’s proud to take home to her Unseelie fairy parents.

Enter Leandra, a vampire who’s high up on the vampire food chain. She has a proposition for Olympia that could make her a ton of money, if the target is even real…

And if it isn’t, what is Leandra plotting?

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Reviews:Aliya Bree on Reading the Rainbow Reviews wrote:

This was such a fun read! Although the first chapter
had a lot of exposition, I really enjoyed how the rest
of the world building unfolded throughout the story
and the unique spin on the supernatural world that
this book had. Olympia was a funny and entertaining
narrator to follow and I loved the insight we got into
her character (and I can't wait to learn more about
her as the series unfolds).

The dynamic between her and Leandra was
delightful to read and I loved how messy the
relationship got with emotions and debating if they
can really trust one another. I'm looking forward to
seeing their relationship develop (depending on how
book two goes eyes) and seeing more of their walls
coming down. The spice was also 10/10 and it was
lovely to read such an emotionally developed F/F
urban fantasy.

I absolutely recommend this book, especially if you
like twists and turns, dramatic sapphic vampires, and
a romance where the characters learn to trust one
another. I'll definitely be checking out book two!

About the Author

Lila Gwynn is a lesbian author (and avid reader) of sapphic fantasy fiction. In her free time, she can be found binge-reading indie books, casually playing video games, or occasionally writing. She lives with her wonderful butch girlfriend and their many cats.

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