by Angelique Jurd

Winning his heart is easy. Earning his trust is hard. Easing his fear is almost impossible.

Joey Harkin keeps a low profile. He goes to work each day, keeps to himself and makes sure nobody notices him. It's the only way he can be sure the man who has tortured him for eight years won't find him. The only way he can be sure he'll be safe. Everything is calm in Joey's life, until he's summoned to the Managing Director's office. Rick Southwell is a successful man. Smart, attractive, wealthy. He has a close circle of friends and when he needs something more ... stimulating... there's always The Club. There is no shortage of men there willing to act out whatever scene Daddy Rick asks for. He has no interest in anything deep or permanent. Until the night he has to rescue Joey Harkin - the man he has just promoted - from being beaten up. Bit by bit, Rick learns Joey's story. Day by day his desire to protect and care for Joey grows stronger. Little by little, he falls in love. Getting Joey to trust him turns out to be the easy part. Getting Joey to let go of his fear and embrace his new life is much more challenging. Joey: The Complete Unabridged Story brings together the Joey's Story trilogy, newly edited and expanded, with never before released material. It is a stand-alone novel of more than 100,000 words featuring age-gap, mild kink, and hurt comfort themes. TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains reference to domestic abuse, both physical and mental.

About the Author

New Zealand author, Angelique Jurd, writes contemporary gay (MM) romance. Her stories are emotional, sexy, loving, with heart warming endings.

Angelique is owned by three cats, three adult children, two temperamental computers, and a very patient boyfriend (not a partridge in a pear tree). She's also pierced, painted, pansexual, and proud. When she's not writing (or swearing at her computer)she likes her guys in denim and lace, her gals in leather and lace, her champagne cold, her coffee, her whiskey neat, Springsteen loud, and the Winchester brothers kicking butt.

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