by Mark McNease

In the third installment of the Marshall James Thrillers, Marshall has one more tale to tell, one last journey to take, back into a past that is inextricably connected to his present. Marshall decides to search for the man who had once been the center of his life: LAPD Homicide Detective Mac McElroy. Mac had told him all those years ago, when Marshall had his last showdown with death and the men who traffic in it, that he never wanted to speak to him again, and he hasn't. But is Mac still alive? Can Marshall find him? And what will be the end of their story if he does? Find out in Final Audition, as Marshall returns once more to a life he'd abandoned, only to find out it had never abandoned him. Along the way he introduces us to a Los Angeles long gone, a theater group where some dreams are nightmares, an innocent man whose life will hang in the balance, and evil determined to destroy him if it can.

About the Author

Mark McNease has been writing since childhood, with stretches in the theater (as a playwright), literary fiction, gay mysteries and thrillers, mainstream mysteries, and children's television. He has won two Emmys for the children's TV show Into the Outdoors. He is the publisher and editor for, a website for LGBTQ people over 50 now in its eleventh year. He's also a podcaster who has been at it for over a decade. After 25 years in New York City, he and his husband Frank Murray moved to their home in rural New Jersey where they share their lives with cats Peanut and Wilma.

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