by Lila Gwynn

Falling for the Fugitive by Lila Gwynn
Part of the Olympia the Bounty Hunter series:
Editions:ePub: $ 2.99
ISBN: 979-8-9853385-2-2
Pages: 207

Three months have passed since fairy bounty hunter Olympia Carter chose herself at her vampire lover’s expense.

Leandra’s kill bounty has been listed for so long that it’s about to go international, and when top bounty hunter Allie Godden comes to Olympia with a proposal to find the vampire together before someone else does, it’s hard to refuse.

There’s a catch, though: they have to work with an infuriating ex-convict Seelie and an ancient vampire with old (and possibly romantic) ties to Leandra.

But now that Olympia has made enemies in town, one of them just might catch up to her before she has the chance to say goodbye one last time…or admit her feelings.

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Reviews:Nat Paga wrote:

In this fantastic follow-up to Lila Gwynn’s “Kissed the Mark,” our favorite bounty hunter Olympia Carter has a lot to deal with between her sort-of girlfriend being on the run, and the vampire queen who has a vendetta against them both. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s a great read from start to finish.

Like in the first book, Olympia is sassy and no-nonsense as ever, with all the fun impulsiveness that comes from her Fae blood. She’s a character that’s brimming with wit, well-written and realized, who grows quite a bit throughout the story. We see her vulnerable side as she learns to work with the other magical residents of Mayfair, and comes to terms with her feelings for Leandra. Amongst all the violence and betrayals, “Falling for the Fugitive” is an endearingly sweet story about two head-strong women who struggle to let others in. Reading their journey, and thinking about where it’s going to go, gives me goosebumps.

About the Author

Lila Gwynn is a lesbian author (and avid reader) of sapphic fantasy fiction. In her free time, she can be found binge-reading indie books, casually playing video games, or occasionally writing. She lives with her wonderful butch girlfriend and their many cats.

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