Being True Book 2

by Samuel York

Book Cover: Exposed Truth
Part of the Being True series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99
Pages: 177

Lawyer Danny Bakersfield doesn’t want his secret out. He’s worked hard to keep his private life private, but one write-up in the paper exposes everything he has ever tried to hide. When thugs break into his home and threaten his life, police officer Allen Williamson is assigned to protect Danny.

Butting heads wasn’t how Allen wanted to start this assignment, but Danny has a chip on his shoulder a mile wide. During a mega-storm, Danny and Allen end up trapped together, sharing more than just bread.

Will the light of day be too much for their relationship, or can they hold it together when it seems everyone is against them.


About the Author

Samuel York writes MM romance. Get lost in a Samuel York book.

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