by J.P. Scott

Book Cover: Body Double
Part of the Body Heat series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 119

Patrick is finally ready to find love. Easy, right? His friends have found the perfect men to fall in love with, why can't he?

HIs night with Aaron was just supposed to be a hookup at a bathhouse, nothing more. But neither of them could deny the instant attraction. Could he be the one?

The trouble is, Patrick's friends and family see something else in Aaron -- someone who looks a lot like Patrick. Soon, Patrick is learning a lot about family history. There are a lot of reasons why a relationship won't work--but he wasn't expecting this.

This can be read as a standalone. Patrick is a character in the first two books of the series -- Body Conscious and Body Positive -- and the characters from those novels are part of this book. The only spoilers are that the other guys already got their HEA. Will Patrick and Aaron?


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