by J.P. Scott

Book Cover: Blaze (Burning Desire Book 3)
Part of the Burning Desire series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 149

Three men. One love.

Fire threatens the livelihoods of everyone in Lakeside Estates. But there's another fire that burns, the love Cody has for Alex and also for Josh. Can he really love two men? Is there a way to join their lives together or will he have to choose?

Reviews:Jay on Kimmers Erotic Book Banter wrote:

It all began for Alex, Josh, and Cody with Spark, where I began my review with “attraction is a strange beast” and continued with Josh who was adrift and an emotional mess in Flame. Blaze, by J. P. Scott, brings us full circle with Cody who is the catalyst for Alex and Josh to finally get their act together and discover what has been there all along. Needless to say, you really need to read Flame and Spark before tackling Blaze.

Once again, we return to the Lakeside Estates, nestled in the Mogollon Rim of Arizona, picking up where Flame left off. It appears that Josh, the owner/operator of Lakeside Estates, and Jonathan, the handyman turned love interest, have settled into their relationship. Where does that leave Cody who is still reeling from his breakup with author boyfriend, Alex?

Cody is pleasantly surprised when Alex returns to Mogollon Rim. Alex is heavy with remorse after leaving Cody, and the love they shared, for his career. All it takes is one touch to feel like Alex never left. As they rekindle their connection, there is a looming wildfire that threatens to destroy Lakeside Estates.

‘Blaze’ is the perfect conclusion to this series after watching each of these men struggle with the meaning of love.

When they get the order to evacuate, Jonathan is MIA, but all signs suggest he is heading to Cody’s father, and back to the secret love affair they shared fifteen years earlier. To the same father that became angry when Cody came out. Jonathan’s actions single-handedly destroy his budding relationship with Josh, leaving Josh lost, hurt and angry. But at the same time, it stirs up deeper feelings between Josh and Cody, as Josh evacuates The RIM with him and Alex. Complex, to say the least.

I loved the unspoken way Cody, Alex, and Josh come together for the first time. Not only is it sensual but extremely hot and steamy as well. The tentative way they approach each other afterwards is painful but understandable. The history between Alex and Josh could have stood in the way. Josh’s devastation with Jonathan’s betrayal could have stood in the way. The animosity-turned-to-friendship between Cody and Josh could have stood in the way. However, the hesitant and careful approach that allows each man to arrive at the same destination is outstanding and summed up perfectly in Josh’s words:

“I want to try. If I learned anything from Jonathan, it was to be willing to try new things. He opened my eyes to the importance of exploring and discovering. I don’t know how to make a relationship with two other men work anymore than I seem to know who to make one with only one guy. I think I’m ready to figure it out.”

Blaze is the perfect conclusion to this series after watching each of these men struggle with the meaning of love. It was epic to witness them find what was staring them in the face all along! The reunion of Cody and Alex made me weep, but then to see Josh settle and figure out his happiness as well, had me openly giddy with happiness.

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