by Frances Regan

Book Cover: After We Came Home
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99
Pages: 212
Paperback: $ 14.99
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Pages: 210

After We Came Home: Solar Flash Book 1


During the summer of 2072, the British Army deploys two special forces teams to Afghanistan to rescue and bring home four scientists. An IED explosion rips apart the mission.

Samuel (Sam) Richardson, Ex-Captain of the British Army's elite special forces team, SF1 lives with C-PTSD and a catalogue of guilt from losing men under his command. The need to know why an IED went off in a supposedly cleared area—that plays on his mind, over and again, the voices of the past that haunt him.

What's left of his team scatters and returns to civilian life to heal.

Ten years later, Sam is slowly healing and finding solace with his best friend, Raphael Taylor. A chance conversation with an old commander brings information about a new medical advancement Sam wants for his team. Though, finding them sets Sam and Rafe upon a course of action that will change all their lives forever.

After We Came Home is a Male/Male Romance and the first book in a series of 7.

Trigger Warnings are in the front of each book.

There are scenes of C-PTSD episodes an attempted suicide attempt on-page. This is a series of seven books. By the end of each book, there is a HEA for each couple and the overall storyline will conclude in the seventh book.

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