An MM Kinky Romance

by Daniel May

Book Cover: A Taste of Ink
Part of the A Taste of Ink series:
Pages: 92

Only two men were allowed to touch him — his possessive boyfriend, and the dangerously charming tattoo artist hired to put that boyfriend's artwork under his skin.

Trinket was a virgin before he met the affluent architect Siebold 'Zee' Li, a fact he managed to keep under wraps for two years of domestic bliss. Siebold is a devoted boyfriend, but he leaves Trinket feeling like arm candy among his upper crust colleagues. Shy and a little prudish, Trinket struggles to balance his own pleasure with keeping Zee interested, until he finally hits on the idea of a tattoo to commemorate their anniversary.

When the tattoo artist, a heavily-inked bad boy archetype called Mini, lets Trinket stick around after hours, Trinket thinks nothing of it… until Mini introduces him to the barbell on his pierced tongue. After a steamy encounter, Trinket comes home inked and flustered, and effortlessly blows his boyfriend's mind.

In the heat of the moment, Zee confesses his secret desire: he wants Trinket tattooed from head to toe, his name between Trinket's legs and his designs all over Trinket's body, under his clothes where only Zee can see. Trinket agrees. The idea of being marked with his boyfriend's designs thrills him… almost as much as the idea of seeing that tattoo artist again.

A Taste of Ink (Part One) is a 30k word smutty rollercoaster, propelling readers into the Taste of Ink series at lightning speed. This book contains cheating, kinky sex and does not end with a HEA/HFN but leads directly into part two.

Cover Artists:

“What you said before,” whispered Trinket, in this moment where he was still daring, where they were drawing the lines for a new map of their relationship. “About the other tattoos.”

Zee paused. His eyes flicked from the artful lines to Trinket’s face.

“I would do it,” said Trinket, then quickly corrected himself, asserted himself before Zee could dismiss it as a whim. “I want to do it.”

‘I love seeing you like this. Legs open for me, tattooed for me. I want to see you covered in ink, only under your clothes, only where I can see them, I want my name tattooed between your legs, I want to push your thighs apart and see my name inside of them.’


“That was in the heat of the moment,” Zee reminded him gently, like he was saying, ‘Be serious.’ And the idea was absurd — it would have been absurd for even a kinky couple, and they had never so much as tied each other up.

But Trinket was starting to realize what he wanted. What he really wanted. And he had an opportunity, this opportunity here, to make himself be heard, to finally open his mouth and say it.

“I want your name between my legs,” he said. “I want to see it every time I get dressed. I want your name on my thighs, hurting like this—” He touched his stomach. “—while it heals. I want you to be able to see it, every time you fuck me. I want to be covered in ink under my clothes, to be a different person under them, someone only you can see. Only you get to see. And I want you to pick the designs. I want you to decide every line, so that when I’m getting tattooed, and the needle is burning, I’ll know it was your choice to hurt me there.”


About the Author

Daniel May is a Nebraska-based writer of MM romance and own voices SFF.

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