Sanderson Brothers Book 3

by Declan Rhodes

Book Cover: A First Time for Pete
Part of the Sanderson Brothers series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99

Honorary Sanderson brother, Pete Larson, can count the number of men who've made him feel something--down there--on one hand. Now, the first one who made him feel that way, top-flight jazz trumpeter Logan Weber, is back in town, and Pete can't get him out of his mind. Logan is into Pete, too, but neither one has a place in their lives for romance.

Pete Larson is the guy that everybody likes, but he's never found love--and he's never tried to find it with a man. The peak moment of his life came when he pitched a no-hitter in Little League baseball. As Ike Sanderson's best friend, he's welcomed into the Sanderson clan, and when he's overwhelmed by the reappearance in Lincolnport of a high school bandmate, Pete turns to the Sandersons for help.

Trumpeter Logan Weber grew up in Lincolnport but headed to New York to attend the Juilliard School after graduation. From there, he moved to Los Angeles and become one of the most respected jazz trumpet players. When he finally returns to Lincolnport, almost 10 years after graduation, he meets Pete, and he can't look away.

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About the Author

Declan Rhodes is an author of gay romance. He is fascinated by exploring male/male relationships in a world changed by worldwide progress in LGBTQIA+ civil rights.
He is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and loves men, cooking for friends and family, travel, and long walks along the shore of Lake Michigan not necessarily in that order.

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