Avery Byrne Tattooed Vigilante Book 1

by Dharma Kelleher

cover art for A Conspiracy of Ravens, Book 1 in the Avery Byrne Tattooed Vigilante series
Part of the Avery Byrne Tattooed Vigilante series:
  • A Conspiracy of Ravens
Editions:ePub: $ 5.99
ISBN: 978-1-952128-21-9
Pages: 270
Paperback: $ 17.99
ISBN: 978-1-952128-22-6
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 270
Hardcover: $ 24.99
ISBN: 978-1-952128-23-3
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 270

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How Well Do You Know The People You Love?

After her girlfriend is brutally murdered, goth tattoo artist Avery Byrne finds herself in a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a ruthless mobster and the thugs and cops on his payroll.Heartbroken and terrified, she hides out with her best friend's gothabilly band as they set out on a regional tour. Desperate to stay alive, she's also determined to learn why her girlfriend was killed and why she's now being hunted.

But the horrifying truths she uncovers only lead to more questions. Who can she trust? And how, if ever, will she return to her old life as a tattoo artist?

In a bold new series, groundbreaking thriller author Dharma Kelleher takes readers on a rockabilly roller coaster ride that is equal parts Streets of Fire and Cape Fear with a strong dose of girl power.

Fans of Kelleher's Jinx Ballou and Shea Stevens will fall in love with her latest quirky and unlikely hero.

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About the Author

Dharma Kelleher writes action-driven thrillers that explore the complexities of social and criminal justice in a world that favors the privileged. She is one of the only openly transgender authors in the crime fiction genre.

Dharma lives in Arizona with her wife and a black cat named Mouse. 

Learn more about her and her work at queerwomenkickass.com.

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